Overwatch 2 Illari
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All Illari Abilities in Overwatch 2

The power of the sun in the palm of your hands.

Overwatch 2’s sixth season, Invasion, has brought a wealth of new content to dig into. The first three major story missions are now live, the firing range has seen a welcome update with additional settings, and a brand-new mode is now live. For those with the new battle pass, you’re likely excited the most for the new character. Here are all abilities Illari has in Overwatch 2.

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Every Illari Ability in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Illari Abilities
Image via Prima Games.

Illari is a Support character and, more specifically, an Off-Healer support. This means that she’ll tend to do less healing than a main healer but compensates in the way of damage. She also gets the Support Role passive, which offers self-healing if you haven’t been hurt in a short while.

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Illari’s Primary Fire

Her primary weapon is her Solar Rifle, which has two firing modes. The Primary Fire provides a semi-automatic rifle that increases in damage if you wait a little time between shots. The Secondary Fire is a continuous beam that heals whatever target it’s aimed at. Compared to the Primary Fire, which is on a clip, the Secondary Fire is based on a charge meter that regenerates over time.

Illari Abilities

Next up are her two abilities, Outburst and Healing Pylon. Outburst will launch you in the direction you are moving, knocking back nearby enemies. Holding the jump key allows you to go higher, say if you want to reach a nearby ledge. Healing Pylon is exactly how it sounds, deploying a destructible pylon that heals nearby allies.

Illari’s Ultimate

Finally, there’s her Ultimate, Captive Sun. This will propel you into the sky, allowing you to fire an explosive ball. Enemies who are hit by the ball are slowed and will explode after taking significant damage.

In case you missed it, Overwatch 2 got a short anime-inspired series called Genesis which gave some background prior to the new missions being released.

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