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All Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 New Achievements Listed

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Sometimes, all that we need for that extra pull is getting a simple achievement. And fortunately for us, Honkai: Star Rail makes sure to add tons of these in each of its major updates. We got a few extra new entries in the 1.2 version, which is probably enough to satiate the hunger for virtual trophies for a while.

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A few of them are immediately visible, but some will only show themselves after messing around for a while. Or just look at a list, which is exactly what you’re doing right now. Here are all the new achievements in the Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update.

All New Achievements in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2

There’s a total of 30 new achievements to be obtained in this update. Some of them are still well hidden, so we’ll update this list as soon as we know how to get them.

The Rail Unto the Stars

These are the story-related achievements. No tricks here, just keep following your Trailblaze Missions and you’ll get them all eventually.

Achievement NameDescription
Svah SanishyuDefeat the Master of the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus
The Imbibitor Lunae ArrivesWitness Dan Heng part the waters in Scalegorge Waterscape
The Ambor SnapsHelp Jing Yuang to defeat Phantylia

Eager For Battle

All achievements here are battle-related, with some of them requiring specific characters in your party. Some might be randomly obtained while auto-ing a battle if you’re lucky enough.

Achievement NameDescription
Sickly ComplexionDispel the Prana-Siphon state for a total of 5 times during a single battle against Phantylia
HorticulturalistDefeat Phantylia without defeating any Abundance Lotuses
BOOMIn a single battle, trigger 4 different DoT effects with 1 use of Kafka’s Skill “Caressing Moonlight”
Go, BladieUse ally Blade in combat against boss Kafka and be Dominated by her
Win by DecisionIn a single battle, use Luka’s “Sky-Shatter Fist” for a total of 4 time(s)
Self-HypnosisUse ally Kafka in combat against boss Kafka and be Dominated by her

Glory of the Unyielding

These are always system-related achievements, which are naturally obtained as you progress through the game. Some are quite grindy, though.

Achievement NameDescription
Voyage to the Ends of the SkyClear Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou Stage 6

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Moment of Joy

Simple achievements, but sometimes well hidden enough so you won’t even know they exist until you get them at a random Thursday.

Achievement NameDescription
Guardian of the UnderworldWin 1 battle with a team comprising Natasha, Seele, and Luka

The Memories We Share

The “general” achievement tab, where almost anything goes. These achievements range from completing sidequests or simply speaking with an NPC somewhere. And most of them are hidden, so good luck uncovering some of them. 

Some are mutually exclusive during certain missions, so you can only get one of them. The rewards are always the same though, so don’t worry. Instructions on each achievement are written in parenthesis if we know how to get them.

Achievement NameDescription
The Willing Does Not BiteUncover the connection between the two anglers from the Artisanship Commission
How I Learned to Stop WorryingSuccessfully resolve the neutron bomb crisis
Lunarescent RimParticipate 1 time in the Aurumaton Driving Exam
WordsmithHave your literary talent recognized by the Metrical Poet (During the Poetic Genius Ingenium mission, answer “Silence is Golden” to the Metric Poet fish)
Literary NoviceFail to have your literary talent recognized by the Metrical Poet (During the Poetic Genius Ingenium mission, answer any of the other options instead of “Silence is Golden”)
Soaring Birds and Paper KitesComplete the Companion Mission “For I Have Touched the Sky”
Free WillComplete the Companion Mission “Letter from a Strange Woman” (Choose to help Kafka)
True Free WillComplete the Companion Mission “Letter from a Strange Woman” (Choose to leave Kafka)
Ends Above the MeansComplete 1 successful release with the Unshackled (Complete the “Bestial Ferocity” Adventure Mission)
Means Above the EndsWitness the end of the Unshackled (Complete the “Bestial Ferocity: The End” Adventure Mission one day after the previous mission)
Friend of the Cloud KnightsFulfill the General’s orders without distractions

Fathom the Unfathomable

More general achievements which are obtainable by completing certain tasks. These are usually easier to spot than The Memories We Share ones.

Achievement NameDescription
I Was Here Flying: Meridian PinFly a cycrane to the vicinity of the Meridian Pin
I Was Here Flying: Matrix of PrescienceFly a cycrane to the middle of the Matrix of Prescience
I Was Here Flying: Aureate Elixir FurnaceFly a cycrane to the vicinity of the Aureate Elixir Furnace
Take It Easy, IcarusFly a cycrane to test the limits of its remote control range (Fly with a Cycrane once)
Unboxing AssessmentThere is no delivery package inspector more reliable than you (Inspect 10 Courier Packages around the Xianzhou Luofu)
Travels AfarActivate Space Anchors 20 times on the Xianzhou Luofu
The Star of Wealth Shines Upon YouOpen Treasures 170 times on the Xianzhou Luofu

And that’s it for this version! There’s quite a lot to do this time, so don’t rush it and complete these at your own pace. The achievements won’t go anywhere. Unless you’re counting on them to get a banner character. But in that case, you probably have bigger problems to worry about.

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