All Honk Honk Locations in Yakuza Like a Dragon

All Honk Honk Locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yeah, it is exactly what you think it is!

Ever since the olden days of pen-and-paper RPG games, brave warriors tired of adventuring and battles would enter a new village in search of an inn to rest and, of course, to find some extra-friendly companionship! This long-lasting RPG tradition was later transferred to video games as well, but as Japanese consoles were mostly family-friendly, this practice had to be removed, or at least somewhat tamed. So, in the first Dragon Quest from 1986, our good hero could pay a lady 50 gold and receive the “Puff Puff” treatment. What exactly is “Puff Puff”? Well, use your imagination, son. The localization in the NES version sees this lady selling tomatoes.

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Anyhow, as Yakuza: Like a Dragon takes Dragon Quest as the main source of inspiration, with the main character Ichiban imagining that he is in the old-school Japanese role-playing game, it is not surprising that activities of that kind can be found on the shady streets of Ijincho, Sotonbori, and Kamurocho, and that he would see them as a “Puff Puff” kind of encounter. To make this kinda sad parody complete, this extra activity in Like a Dragon is called “Honk Honk”. So, let’s find all providers of this service on the streets, back alleys, and alike, in the guide down below.

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All Honk Honk Locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

We will divide this guide into locations where “Honk Honk” service providers appear, as their spawning is quite random once you check all locations on one map, taking a cab to another could trigger a spawn, so keep that in mind.

Honk Honk Locations in Isezaki Ijincho

  • Honk-Honk Girl – You will find this lovely young lady in the alleyway south of the Survive Bar. She charges 10,000 Yen, and after a small talk and a successful Honk Honk session, Ichiban will receive +10 Passion. The girl just needed the money.
  • Honk-Honk Lady – The slightly older provider of Honk Honk service charges 50,000 Yen and can be found down the underground stairwell north of Wette Kitchen – just go into the underpass and she might be there. Honk Honking this lady will teach Ichiban +10 points in Passion, Charisma, and Kindness!
  • Honk Honk Man – Well, it is the modern day and age, who says that men can’t provide Honk Honk services as well? This guy charges 100,000 Yen and can be found behind that big Sunlight Palace building. To get in that backyard (I am sorry) you will need a keycard that can be obtained much later in the game, once you finish Chapter 11. This is going to be very weird for Ichiban, but the experience will reward him with a +10 on all stats.
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Honk Honk Locations in Sotenbori

  • Honk-Honk Woman – As this woman says in the game, “For a paltry 50,000 Yen, you get to be grandma’s boy”. Yes, it keeps getting weirder. Well, you can find her behind the Shofukocho taxi location, it’s the large alleyway right in the middle of the lower part of the Sotenbori map. So, pay up, enjoy an elderly Honk Honk, and get +10 points in Confidence, Passion, and Charisma.

Honk Honk Locations in Kamurocho

  • Honk-Honk Princess – I am not even going to try to explain what this one represents. So yeah, you can find her in the alleyway that you get into from the middle of the Hotel District street. She charges 30,000 Yen and gives +10 stats in Intellect, Charisma, and Style.

Chasing Honk Honks in Yakuza Like a Dragon can be a frustrating endeavor due to the totally random spawns of these NPCs, but moving from location to location in a taxi proved to be a good way to reset them. If you collect all the Honk Honk experiences, you will earn the “Honk-Honk Hero” trophy that you will be able to proudly show to your parents, significant other, and colleagues at work. I keep the Platinum Trophy from Like a Dragon in my CV! Cheers!

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