All Hestu Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Finding that big chubby Korok!

Where to Find Hetsu in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

With so many items to pick up, the inventory in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom fills up very quickly. In order to expand your stash and be able to take more weapons and shields with you, you need to collect Korok Seeds – but in order to actually get a stash expansion, you will need to give them to the “Spirited Musician of Korok Forest” – Hestu.

This broccoli-headed giant Korok should be familiar to players returning from Breath of the Wild but his mechanics here are a little bit different this time. Check the guide below to find out all of the locations where you can find Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

The first location of Hestu will be in North Hyrule Plain, near the Stable. After your first encounter with him, the Side Adventure “Hestu’s Concerns” will kick off and you will have to defeat some threes that will come alive. Take them down using some fire-type weapons or a Stone Axe.

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Hestu will send you on a quest to collect Korok Seeds for his Maracas. So, by bringing Korok Seeds to him, you will be able to increase your inventory stash by choosing to increase the space in your weapon, bow or shield stash. After a few interactions, Hestu will inform you that he plans to head east – giving you a hint about his next location.

After he leaves, Hetsu will stay at Lookout Landing, so head there to find him again. After some time Hetsu will move to his third location that is Korok Forest, where he will stay for a while.

For exact locations check out our video guide above, and for more Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guides here on Prima Games check out all Gleeok locations, find out how to get the Great Eagle’s Bow, and see the full patch notes from Update 1.2.0.

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