Windblume Festival Characters Genshin Impact

All Genshin Impact Characters Locations in Windblume Festival (2023)

Please make playable characters hanging around a permanent feature

With the official conclusion of the Windblume Festival event in Genshin Impact, all that’s left is to complete the last few minigame phases as they’re slowly unlocked daily. And as an extra treat included in the last few main events, we get to see the playable cast hanging around in the city, something that we really don’t see very often outside of quests. This was something requested by players since the game initially launched, and Hoyoverse’s finally sorta giving that to us.

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From important NPCs to our usual playable cast, almost everyone’s here. And we’ll show you where you can meet and greet them around Mondstadt until the event is officially over.

All Characters Locations in Genshin Impact Windblume Event (2023)

Although they appeared in many different places since event day one, they would change places whenever the player progresses into the event’s main quest. The following locations are the final spots where they can be found after completing Windblume’s Breath: Act III – Fortune Hiding Upon Clouds.

Timaeus and Yang’er

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The main Windblume couple of not-so-random NPCs are probably the first sight you’ll have after completing the event. They’re behind the Crafting Table, where Timaeus usually is, but with special dialogue for a while.


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Now take a few steps back and climb up in the house next to the water fountain to see Albedo chilling on a table. His dialogue even teases his own TCG card coming in the next patch.

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Amber, Collei, Eula and Sucrose

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Use the church Waypoint and glide down a little bit further from the Knights of Favonius headquarters to find the girls having another heartwarming chat about cooking. Oh, and card games, again.


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Speaking of Card Games, Cyno’s right next to the Cat’s Tail. He’ll immediately challenge you for a match, and it’s a nice detail that he’s actually using his new card sleeve. This is purely a friendly match with no rewards involved.


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The Anemo Archon is drinking right next to Angel’s Share, and you might see him when heading for some of the event’s minigames. You also get to enjoy another of his little poems.

Mika and Tighnari

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They can both be found in a cliff next to the Statue of the Seven next to Dawn Winery exchanging some surveying tips. But Tighnari somehow turns it into picking mushrooms to eat later.

Klee and Mona

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The girls are standing right in front of Starfell Lake’s Statue of the Seven. Mona discovers yet another way her master and Alice are connected.

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She’s next to one of Akademiya’s entrances. Might not appear if you’re still doing her Story Quest, but should be there normally if you haven’t started it/already completed it. She had nothing to do with the event, but she’s appearing anyway for some reason.

Candace and Setaria

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Both of the girls can be found in Aaru Village following their conclusion in Sumeru’s Archon Quest. Take the waypoint, turn back and keep following the road to find them. Just like Dehya, they don’t appear in the main event but are temporarily present here. 

No other characters have shown up anywhere, and since the event’s probably not being updated again, there should be no more moving around or new faces appearing in the following days. So go visit them and take some nice photos while they’re around!

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