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All FFXIV Weapon Design Contest 2022 Winners Listed

You can dine your enemies now, literally

by Patrick Souza

It’s almost like a dream when you get to create something for a game you love, and that’s the new reality for the newest winners of the 2022 Final Fantasy XIV Weapon Design Contest. All participants submitted their own weapon concepts to the company that decided on two big winners for each weapon. And that was not only for show, as those designs will eventually become new weapons to be implemented in the game in the future. 

While most of the winners were first announced back in April, four new designs for the recent-added Reaper and Sage jobs were revealed in the latest Live Letter as the final additions to the batch. 

Following the trends for these weapons, the winners were both a serious weapon design and a joke one. Reapers got some cool new Jack O’ Lantern-inspired weapons to slice around while Sage players can properly eat their Raid food. That’s some good gameplay interaction right here.

All FFXIV Weapon Design Contest Winners (2022)

Here you’ll find all of the winning designs of the newest Design Contest. All of these weapons will be, at some point, introduced into the game, be it through the Store or as regular obtainable weapons, so keep your eyes up. Japanese names were directly translated by Google, so they might not be 100% accurate.


Name: アヴァターズサイス (Avatar’s Scythe)

Designer: 小森雨太

Reaper Weapon Winner 2

Name: スケアクロウ (Scarecrow)

Designer: Aichi


Sage Weapon Winner 1

Name: Feo Ul’s Noulith

Designer: Lydia

Sage Weapon Winner 2

Name: Maid Brim’s Cutlery set

Designer: いさな

Runner-ups and more information can be viewed in the official announcement.

Rewards for the FFXIV Weapon Design Contest 2022

Winners won’t simply get pure recognition for the sake of it, as they all received exclusive in-game rewards, including the rare Cloud Strife hairstyle. The complete reward list is below:

Winners (two for each weapon)

  • Design implemented in-game
  • Fashion Accessory: Great Paraserpent

Finalists (Top 20)

  • Fashion Accessory: Great Paraserpent

Runner-ups (Top 50)

  • A set of the following in-game items: Bluebird Earring / Scarf of Wondrous Wit / Mandragora Choker / Ahriman Choker / Noble Barding / Gaelicap / Modern Aesthetics – Strife

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