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All Different Minecraft Biomes Listed (2023)

Get to know all major biomes in Minecraft

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Different Minecraft Biomes Listed

Welcome to 2023, we still play Minecraft! Us and millions and millions of gamers, new fans, old fans – the Minecraft craze just won’t stop. So if you are one of those new fans or a returning player, you might want to know more about the world of Minecraft or, more precisely, all the different biomes that are now present in the game. Here’s all the different Minecraft biomes listed.

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All Different Minecraft Biomes Listed (2023)

Remember when there were just a few? Now, brace for the complete list of all different Minecraft biomes in 2023. Let’s check them all out.


The usual one, the first one you imagine when you think of Minecraft. Plains are ideal for building your first base, and for getting pigs, cows, sheep, or horses.


There are a few more interesting types of this basic biome, such as flower forests, birch, and dark oak forests. You need to find them for different colored wood materials, and of course, all kinds of flowers.


Very fun biome with dense vegetation and interesting structures, there are even bamboo patches and pandas sometimes.

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The place you go for emeralds, and the view. You can sometimes find floating islands above the mountain tops, a cool place for a base.


Nothing much but sand and dead bushes, but you can find interesting distant villages, temples, and such. There’s even a sub-biome of the desert lake that is much like an oasis.

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The biome that connects forests and jungles. If you want to find wolves, foxes, and some forest fruits like sweet berries, this biome is a place to go. There is a sub-biome of a snowy taiga where you can find artic foxes, yay!

Snowy Tundra

Much like snowy taiga, snowy tundra has some unique wildlife like polar bears. Other than that it’s just a tundra covered in snow.

Ice Spikes

This biome is straight up from Frozen, with some icy structures. Aside from its unique look, ice spikes biome is very scarce in resources.


No, you won’t meet Shrek here, but you might run into some slime if you visit it at night. Even if it doesn’t look like a big challenge, the swamp biome is one of the most hostile in the game.


Llamas are here! What more reason do you need to find it? One of the more picturesque biomes with unique trees, a lot of waterfalls, big craters, lakes, and very steep mountains.


As you can see on the mountainsides, this biome has a lot of different colored clay, but also large amounts of gold to be dug up! Also, very interesting at night.


Rivers look nice when they go through any biome, around them you can find sugar cane, and inside you can catch some salmon or squids. Oh yeah, you may run into the drowned as well, basically underwater zombies.


Now, this is a rich biome with many different variations. Across oceans in Minecraft, you will find tropical fish and even dolphins, large amounts of coral reefs, and those mysterious ocean monuments.


When the ocean biome touches the ground, you get the beaches. This biome is a nice place to pick up some sugar cane, and find turtles! There are some shipwrecks sometimes, and even buried treasure!

Stone shores

When ocean and mountain biomes intersect you get the stone shores, nothing much there but a lot of stone.

Mushroom Islands

Just as the name suggests – islands with gigantic mushrooms! Very rare biome that will most likely generate on their own usually in the ocean biome. A very peaceful place with no hostile mobs.

The Nether

The Nether is not so much another biome as a completely different parallel world to Minecraft’s Overworld. It is basically the underworld, or more like hell itself! Through the many updates and newer versions of Minecraft, the Nether has also gained some different biomes of its own such as Soul Sand Valleys, Crimson Forests, and a few more.

The End

Another completely separate dimension from Overworld and Nether, in which it is possible to reach the END of the game in survival mode, hence the name. However, this world has also grown over time, so in The End now, in addition to The Ender Dragon and a bunch of Endermen, you can also find End Cities and other weird structures.

And that would be all the basic biomes that are in Minecraft right now, as of early 2023. For now, it is not known whether the upcoming big patch 1.20 will also bring some new biomes – but if it does, we will update our list.

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