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All Dead Cells Castlevania Weapons Listed

Did you know that "Dracula" is "Alucard" backwards

by Lucas White

The Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC adds a whopping 14 new weapons to the game, across the various categories. I’ve listed them all here, along with their in-game descriptive text explaining what they do. Also how to unlock them, with any relevant guide links for the trickier ones. Check it out:

All Dead Cells Castlevania Weapons Listed

Close Range Weapons

Vampire Killer

  • Description: “The mythical weapon of the Belmont clan! Ignores shields. Deals critical damage to burning enemies. Enemies killed by this weapon burn the ground under them.”
  • Unlock: Drops the first time you defeat Dracula

Whip Sword

  • Description: Can be transformed in between two attacks to deal critical damage for the next x seconds.
  • Unlock: Drops from Harpy


  • Description: If the two attacks of the weapon hit a target, throw it on a rotary trajectory, dealing critical damage increasing with each new hit
  • Unlock: Drops from Werewolf or Dire Werewolf

Alucard’s Sword

  • Description: If a target is facing you in mid range, teleports you near it and attacks it, dealing a critical damage
  • Unlock: Find Alucard during Richter Mode

Death’s Scythe

  • Description: Forces the spirit of enemies you kill to help you. They explode on nearby targets, dealing critical damage in proportion to the reanimated target’s maximum health
  • Unlock: Drops the first time you defeat Death

Morning Star

  • Description: A brutal whip with a star-shaped head. Can be held to spin the whip along with your movement. Deals critical hits after spinning for at least 1 second
  • Unlock: The Konami Code!

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Long Range Weapons


  • Description: Throws a cross in front of you. It returns after a few seconds, dealing critical damage when spinning in place or on the way back
  • Unlock: Drops from Throw Master

Throwing Axe

  • Description: Throws an axe on a parabolic trajectory, dealing critical damage during its descent.
  • Unlock: Drops from Axe Armor

Medusa’s Head

  • Description: Rolls the head on the ground, petrifying enemies it hits. When it stops or upon reactivation, it yells, projecting nearby enemies in the air.
  • Unlock: Drops from Medusa


Alucard’s Shield

  • Description: Can be used to attack in melee. Deals critical damage after a parry
  • Unlock: Found in Castle Outskirts “lore room”

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Holy Water

  • Description: Toss a holy water vial on the ground, creating a pillar of fire dealing damage quickly and burning the enemies it hits
  • Unlock: Drops from Merman

Rebound Stone

  • Description: Throws a magic stone that bounces on surfaces and moves faster after each bounce. Deals critical hits and accelerates sharply after passing through you
  • Unlock: Drops from Buer

Maria’s Cat

  • Description: Summons Maria’s cat on your shoulder. He often leaves it to go and wander around, scratching enemies he crosses. Can be reactivated to make the cat jump in front of you and unleash a flurry of slashes dealing critical damage
  • Unlock: Castle Outskirts in Maria’s cell

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Bat Volley

  • Description: Throws 10 bats that pierce through enemies and deal critical damage once they have gone through at least one target
  • Unlock: Drops from Vampire Bat

That’s all the new weapons added for the Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC.

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