All Current Arcanists Banners in Reverse: 1999 Listed

Who will answer your call beyond the spinning wheel?

Melania from Reverse: 1999
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Reverse: 1999 has many Arcanists to bring home to your teams with Six-Stars being the rarest and yet the most powerful with potential to give your team that added oomph. Here are the current characters available on the banners in the game and the Five-Stars that have increased chances. 

All Current Character Banners Listed in Reverse: 1999

The First Drop of Rain. Beginner Banner

One of the first banners that are available for all beginner players is the Guaranteed Six-Star Beginner Banner which features Regulus, Eternity, and Lilya. This banner is meant to get players a head start on top-tier Arcanists that are featured here. You can only pull on this banner for a total of 30 times but within those times, you are guaranteed a Six-Star Arcanist. 

The only downside to this banner is that you can pull a Six-Star within ten pulls and the banner will then conclude and close. While it does guarantee you a Six-Star, it’s best to focus your limited resources on other banners if you are looking for certain Arcanists to join your team like A Knight or Melania. 

  • Regulus (Star)
  • Eternity (Mineral)
  • Lilya (Star)

Thus Spoke the Border Collie – Pickles Banner

The newest addition to the lineup is none other than man’s best friend! Pickles is a black-and-white Border Collie who made his first debut in the Theft of the Rimet Cup Event alongside Melania and Diggers. This pupper is a Mineral Arcanist whose skills in battle specialize in DPS and Support; by combining cards, some moves can add effects that can dispel buffs on the enemies. 

Alongside Pickles, Five-Star Arcanists Baby Blue and Diggers will also have their chances increased. Though they aren’t guaranteed to come home, this is your best chance to get either of these characters or increase their strength by leveling up their Portrayal. 

Diggers is a new Five-Star Arcanist who will be added to the pool of Five-Stars in the Standard and upcoming banners that follow Thus Spoke the Border Collie. While he’ll only be previewed on the Pickles banner for the remaining duration of 1.1, he’ll be much easier to get in future banners as one of the more common characters.

Swinging Freely – Regulus Banner

Before you could even begin to miss her, Regulus is back in the limelight in a separate banner where her chances will also be increased for the second half of 1.1 Although Regulus belongs to the Standard Pool of characters and can be pulled from any of the banners in the case the player loses their 50/50, this is a great chance to get her more copies to strengthen her Portrayal or have a better chance of seeing her to your crew. 

Something to keep in mind is that the Special Character Banner and this Rerun Banner will share the same Records. This means that whether you pull on Pickles Banner or on Regulus’, it will count towards the same pity. So once you get close to pulling a Six-Star, be careful about where you spend your Unilogs. 

Alongside Regulus, Dikke and Satsuki will have increased chances on the banner seeing their chance of coming home more likely. Similar to other Five-Star chances, this is a great opportunity to either get these characters or strengthen them by gaining multiples.

Amid the Water. Standard Banner

The last of these banners is the Standard Banner, Amid the Water. There are no increased chances for any particular character and there are no Limited-Run Arcanists such as Melania or any upcoming Limited-Time Arcanists. However, you can still get Six-Star characters that are considered to be part of the Standard pool. These characters can also be obtained if you lose the 50/50 in one of the Limited-Run Event characters. 

These characters include Druvis III, Lilya, A Knight, Sotheby, Regulus, Centurion, An-An Lee, Medicine Pocket, Eternity, Ms. NewBabel, and Voyager. 

What are the Rates for Getting Limited-Time Characters in Reverse: 1999?

How lucky do you need to be to get in order to get the Special Character portrayed on the banner?

In addition to accounting for the 50/50 chance of winning the character versus losing to one of the Standard characters, all Six-Star characters have a 1.5% chance of appearing whenever a player pulls on the banner. 

While Five-Stars are somewhat rare as well, they have a better chance of appearing at the rate of 8.5% whenever a player pulls on the banner and the most common type of Arcanists that you will see when pulling are the Four and Three-Star Arcanists that have a 40% chance and 45% chance respectively.  While the drop rate of the only two characters in the Two-Star pool may come home at a 5% chance.

The rarest of characters on the Banners so undoubtedly the Six and Five-star characters that have the strength, support, and debuff abilities that rival no others. But it doesn’t hurt to increase the Portray Info of the lower starred characters since by unlocking these, Attacks, Skills, and Bursts can increase in strength. 

That is all the current banners that are in Reverse: 1999 as of November and the latest update of 1.1. There are many faces and names in this game, and while we may not see them for a while, you can always hop on over to this list of playable characters that are featured in Reverse: 1999’s Chinese server (and thus will eventually be coming to the Global server one day) for an insight on who to look forward to. And if you’re not sick of this game just yet, check out the game tag below to learn more about the news and guides covering Reverse: 1999.

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