All Consumables and What They Do in Lords of the Fallen

Take advantage of powerful consumables to defeat monsters in Axiom and Umbral.

Lords of the Fallen Grenades
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We all need a helping hand on occasion, especially when traversing worlds like Axiom and Umbral. Every now and again, you’ll discover a consumable lying on the ground, or on the corpse of a recently deceased foe, or as part of a quest reward. These range from explosives to free vigor to buffs. It’s important to understand what each one is and how to use them properly. Here are all the consumables in Lords of the Fallen.

Every One of the Consumables in Lords of the Fallen

There is a wide variety of consumables in Lords of the Fallen, which you can see below, alongside what they do:

Ammunition PouchProvides a small amount of ammunition.
Ammunition SatchelProvides more ammunition.
Animated Vigor SkullProvides 800 Vigor.
Bleed CureCures bleed status effect.
Bleed Resistance BalmCures bleed status effect and increases resistance to bleed attacks.
Bleed SaltsAdds bleed damage to your weapon.
BriostoneProvides healing over time.
Briostone PairProvides greater healing over time.
Briostone TrioProvides superior healing over time.
Burn CureCures the burn state effect.
Burn Resistance BalmCures burn status and increases resistance to burn attacks.
Burn SaltsAdds burn status effect to your weapon.
Charmed PawIncreases item discovery chance.
Charred FingerUsed to perform the Crimson Ritual, and increases the reward given.
Desiccated Vestige MothReturn to the most recent Vestige in exchange for Vigor.
Elegant PerfumeA glass vial containing a small amount of perfume.
Enervated Vigor SkullProvides 200 Vigor.
Eye of VengeanceUnveils additional opportunities to avenge Lampbearers.
Faint Vigor SkullProvides 400 Vigor.
Fire SaltsAdds fire damage to your weapon.
Fire WardIncreases fire resistance.
Frostbite CureCures frostbite status effect.
Frostbite Resistance BalmCures frostbite and increases resistance to frostbite attacks.
Frostbite SaltsAdds frostbite damage to your weapon.
Heavenly VialCompletely restores both health and mana and also cures any status effect.
Holy SaltsAdds holy damage to your weapon.
Holy WardIncreases defense against Radiant magic.
Ignite CureCures the ignite status effect.
Ignite Resistance BalmIncreases resistance to ignite attacks.
Ignite SaltsAdds ignite damage to your weapon.
Large Manastone ClusterRestores a significant amount of mana over time.
Lucky PawBoosts item discovery chance.
Magic WardIncreases defense against all types of magic.
Manastone ClusterRestores mana over a short period.
Minor Fire SaltsAdds slight fire damage to your weapon.
Minor Holy SaltsAdds slight holy damage to your weapon.
Minor Wither SaltsAdds slight wither damage to your weapon.
Mirror of ProtectionReflects malevolent energy, protecting you from anyone performing the Crimson Ritual.
Odd StoneA smooth, dark stone.
Poison CureCures the poison status effect.
Poison Resistance BalmCures poison and increases resistance to poison attacks.
Poison SaltsAdds poison damage to your weapon.
Purifying BalmCures all status ailments and provides resistance.
Replete Vigor SkullProvides 3200 Vigor.
SanguinarixHeals you for a % of health.
Seething Vigor SkullProvides 1600 Vigor.
Slaughterer’s CoagulatorPrevents using a Sanguinarix within your vicinity.
Small Manastone ClusterProvides slight mana regeneration over time.
Smite CureCures the smite status effect.
Smite Resistance BalmCures smite and increases resistance to smite attacks.
Smite SaltsAdds smite damage to your weapon.
Umbral VertebraeRegenerates Soulflay over time.
Unripe BerriesBoosts stamina regeneration.
Vestige MothReturns you to the most recent Vestige.
Vestige SeedPlant in Umbral Flower Beds to create a Vestige Seedling.
Vigor MothPrevents Vigor loss upon death.
Wither SaltsAdds wither damage to your weapon.
Wither WardIncreases resistance to wither damage.

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