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While getting new weapons and skills in Cyberpunk 2077 are the main ways to upgrade your character, sometimes you want to get something a little more cosmetic. This could be from a new set of wheels or, in this case, a fresh set of clothes. You can find some out in the world, or you can make your way to a clothing store to pick something up. Here are all the clothing store locations in Cyberpunk 2077.

Every Clothing Store in Cyberpunk 2077

A single clothing store can be found in just about every district of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, with the exclusion of a few clothing stores. Those clothing stores are as follows:

Ded Zed Clothing Store

The Ded Zed clothing store is located through Watson, in the district of Northside. The clothing store offers all sorts of clothes, like a snazzy fedora and overcoat, two personal favorites of mine.

Stylishly Clothing Store (Watson)

The first Stylishly can be found within Watson, through the district of Little China. Their clothing store offers threads that are much more vibrant, offering some striking colors if you’re looking to make a lasting impression. Not my thing, but maybe it’s yours.

Street Vendor’s Clothing Store

This street vendor’s clothing store can also be found in Watson, though through the district of Kabuki this time. For his clothing store, you can find some pretty classic ganger clothes in case you want to fully embrace the Streetkid life path (if you chose it).

Saeko’s Clothing Store

Saeko’s clothing store can be found within Westbrook, in the district of Japantown. If you’re having trouble getting to the front door, there’s a stairwell on the side of its building that you need to climb to access it. As for its clothes, most of them are a mix of classic Japanese culture, modern US styles, and drop of tech. It’s an intriguing blend, so I suggest giving them a chance.

Avante Clothing Store (Westbrook)

The first Avante clothing store can be found in the Charter Hill district of Westbrook. Its clothing lineup goes for a mix of colors with the upper echelons of Night City’s populace. If you’re going for fancy with a touch of flair, they’re your go-to.

Badlands Vendor’s Clothing Store

The Badlands has its own clothing store vendor just barely the border between the Badlands and Santo Domingo. It’s also hidden under a food shop, conveniently. As for their clothing options, they’re about what you’d expect with clothes more typical of a city’s wild outskirts. Plenty of t-shirts and shorts for you to pick from.

Stylishly Clothing Store (Santo Domingo)

The second Stylishly clothing store is found in Santo Domingo, in the district Rancho Coronado. Compared to the other Stylishly store in Watson, this store leans a little less into colors while still having plenty of color on offer.

Fashion Clothing Store

The Fashion clothing store is found in the West Wind Estate sector of Pacifica. Its clothing all invokes the Voodoo Boys’ sense of rebellion with plenty of tech mixed in between. Some great options at this store, especially for jackets.

The Manufactory Clothing Store

The Manufactory clothing store is found within the Arroyo District of Santo Domingo. You’ll also find several other shops here, including a clothing store. Their clothing options re all over the place, though most involve vibrant colors similar to that of the first Stylishly in Watson. Another worthy option if you want to stand out.

Stylishly Clothing Store (Heywood)

The final Stylishly clothing store can be found in Heywood in the district of Wellsprings. As compared to the other Stylishly clothing stores, there are a lot more gold styles in this store. The clerk really means it when she says to put something on and shine.

Jinguji Clothing Store

The Jinguji clothing store is found in the Downtown district of the City Center. Their clothes are much fancier than most other places on offer. They even offer one of my favorite hats in all of Cyberpunk 2077, the Senkoh LX Submachine Gun.

Avante Clothing Store (City Center)

The second Avante clothing store is found in the Corpo Plaza district of the City Center. Similar to the other Avante store, this one mixes the upper class with colorful clothing, though leans a little more into the former rather than the latter. A good place for some clean clothes.

If you’re looking for more information about clothes, check out our guide on the key changes with the 2.0 update for Cyberpunk 2077, which includes clothing changes.

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