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All Character Locations on the Xianzhou Luofu in Honkai: Star Rail

Be polite and say your proper goodbyes

Our journey at the Xianzhou Luofu draws to a close in Honkai: Star Rail and Trailblazers have met many new faces. But as part of the Astral Express Crew, it’s the Trailblazer’s duty to blaze onto new paths, so it’s time to say your goodbyes. 

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All Quest-Specific Map Locations for Finding Characters on the Xianzhou Luofu

In the quest Obsequires Performed, A Long Road Ahead, there is an optional mission where you can say your goodbyes to the characters that you’ve met along the way during your adventure aboard the Luofu. Here are all of the ones you can speak to and where to find them. 

Yanqing – Seat of Divine Foresight

As the quest draws to a close, you don’t even need to go very far to say your goodbyes to the first character. Yanqing is stationed near the General’s desk, and you can talk to him to let you know you’re leaving the Luofu before you exit back to the Exalting Sanctum.

Qingque – Exalting Sanctum

By exiting the Seat of Divine Foresight or taking the Synwood Pavilion Teleport, the Trailblazer can take a left past the pavilion to come across Qingque at the arrangement of tables.

Xiaoyu – Exalting Sanctum

If you recall, during Dan Shu’s quest, Trailblazers helped out a young girl by the name of Xiaoyu. The best way to get to her is by taking the Synwood Pavilion Teleport and visiting her before Qingque. You can tell her your goodbyes and the fate of the alchemist who was once assisting her.

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Bailu – Exalting Sanctum

Just outside the Realm-Keeping Commission, Bailu lingers in the first spot where we met and helped with the mara-struck. Be sure to help her leave the Commission next time you’re in the Luofu. 

Yukong – Central Starskiff Haven

You can visit Yukong outside of the Palace of Astrum in Central Starskiff Haven by taking the Earthrise Agora Teleport. There’s been enough time for work, so she can be found leisurely staring at the Starskiff site just outside her workplace. 

Diting – Central Starskiff Haven

Taking the Starskiff Jetty Teleport, you can take a left and discover a rogue Diting! You’ve had a lot of ups and downs with this pup, so it’s only fitting to say your farewells to your partner-in-crime. 

Sushang – Central Starskiff Haven

Also in the Central Starskiff Haven is Sushang; she can be found just outside of The Sleepless Earl, where she’ll be listening to Mr. Xiyan’s stories about the High Cloud Quintet. 

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Fu Xuan – Divination Commission at the Matrix

It would also behoove you to check in with the temp-general Fu Xuan, who can be found in the Divination Commission at the Matrix. But not where Kafka was interviewed. The closest teleport to this area is the Conclave Hall Teleport, and then take the stairs up to see her at work. 

Master Gongshu – Artisanship Commission

Last but not least, Master Gongshu is just outside the Arcane Moorage Teleport in the Artisanship Commission. We’ve worked hard for him, solving puzzles and helping his research more than his students, so it’s only right to tell our teacher our plans for departure. 

There are a lot of secrets you can uncover if you give your time to the game. If you’d like to seek out more then check out our character-specific achievements listed in Honkai: Star Rail.

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