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All Chapter Names in Dead Space Remake Listed

How far are you?

by Jesse Vitelli

Dead Space Remake takes the familiar and flips it on its head to keep it feeling fresh. While players will remember many of the original’s twists and turns, the Motive team has made enough changes to keep you guessing in the moment-to-moment gameplay. If you’re making your way through the game for the very first time or the hundredth, here are all of the chapter names in the Dead Space Remake, listed.

All Chapter Names in Dead Space Remake Listed

There are 12 chapters in total in the Dead Space Remake. While the chapters have been expanded in some areas and have side-quests and new character moments, the same number of chapters exist.

Here are all of the Dead Space Remake chapters:

  • Chapter 1: New Arrivals
  • Chapter 2: Intensive Care
  • Chapter 3: Course Correction
  • Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent
  • Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion
  • Chapter 6: Environmental Hazards
  • Chapter 7: Into the Void
  • Chapter 8: Search and Rescue
  • Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival
  • Chapter 10: End of Days
  • Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions
  • Chapter 12: Dead Space

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To complete all of the chapters in the game on a first playthrough, it can take roughly 11 hours. It’s a pretty breezy game once you get more of the weapons and power-ups.

Once you’ve finished these 12 chapters, you can carry all of your gear over to New Game Plus and do another fresh run. However, this time you have all of the Necromorph killing tools at your disposal from the very beginning.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Dead Space Remake chapters. They are all listed out, so you know exactly how far into the game you are. For more tips and tricks, be sure to take a look at all of our helpful Dead Space Remake coverage.

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