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All Changes to Shooting Stars in Old School RuneScape Listed

Twinkle, twinkle, tier 9 star.

Shooting Stars have been adjusted slightly in Old School RuneScape in numerous ways to decrease server congestion and to avoid superseding traditional Mining methods. Here are the following Shooting Star adjustments that you can expect to see in Old School RuneScape.

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Old School RuneScape Shooting Star Updates

With many people who play RuneScape preferring low intensity or ‘AFK’ training methods, Jagex has often provided methods to cater to this demographic. However, it’s often a fine balance between the more intensive method and the low intensity method. The higher method should always benefit the player more, be it with both rate of experience and potential profits for putting in the work. The Old School RuneScape team understands this, and this is one of the reasons that Shooting Stars have been slightly tweaked in Old School RuneScape.

Shooting Stars Adjusted Spawn Rates

Shooting Stars have been adjusted to streamline the whole process from start to finish whilst still maintaining not only its integrity but also the community aspect of the game. The way that Shooting Stars spawn has been adjusted can be seen in the following two gameplay tweaks.

  1. The Shooting Star tier can potentially spawn in a world
  2. The time that Shooting Stars spawn will spawn in a world

Shooting Star Tiers

From now on, Shooting Stars can only potentially spawn as a tier 6 to a tier 9. The first five tiers will no longer spawn in-game. This reduces the time a Shooting Star is active in a world and lessens potential server congestion.

The likelihood of each tier of Shooting Star spawning can be seen in the table below:

Shooting Star TierPercentage Chance
Tier 625%
Tier 730%
Tier 825%
Tier 920%
Information provided by Jagex

Shooting Star Timers

From the moment that a player begins to mine a Shooting Star, there will be seven minutes until the current layer being mined will be depleted. Before the update, different tiers of Shooting Star would have different depletion timers, but now no matter the tier, each star layer will only be available for seven minutes once interacted with.

This means that the total time to finish mining a Shooting Star is as follows in the below table:

Shooting Star TierTime to Mine
Tier 642 minutes
Tier 749 minutes
Tier 856 minutes
Tier 963 minutes

On top of this, a new Shooting Star will spawn every 90 minutes. If it lands in a world that still has an active Shooting Star, the previous star will be removed regardless of the current completion percentage.

Shooting Star XP Rates

Players will receive XP every time they successfully mine Stardust from the Shooting Star. Each successful attempt at mining Stardust will grant the player 32 Mining XP.

The percentage chance that a player will successfully mine Stardust has been adjusted to better reflect a player’s Mining Level. So, the higher level a player is, the higher chance that they will successfully mine Stardust with each attempt. The rate increases from 29% at Level 1 to 46% at Level 99.

Shooting Star Rewards

Shooting Stars will provide players with the following rewards.

  • 32 Mining XP every time that Stardust is mined.
  • Clue Geodes can be obtained whilst mining Shooting Stars

Miscellaneous Changes to Shooting Stars

The following changes have been made to Shooting Stars in Old School RuneScape.

  • Mining a Shooting Star that crashed in Prifddinas will no longer provide players with Crystal Shards.
  • Random Events will no longer spawn around a crashed Shooting Star.
  • Players can no longer deploy canons around a crashed Shooting Star.

The above changes will hopefully make sure that Shooting Stars remain a communal experience, much like Bounty Hunter, and yet do not crash a world every single time that one spawns, while also respecting the balance between intensive and non-intensive XP rates.

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