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All Cascade Puzzles Locations in Genshin Impact

Just as time, the sands flow

by Patrick Souza

One of the exclusive Puzzles of the Desert of Hadramaveth in Genshin Impact is the Cascade Pool Puzzles, ancient devices scattered around the map that grant the Traveler some treasures when properly interacted with. Completing all of them now only gets you some extra resources as it will grant you a hidden achievement, so here’s where you can find all of them around the scorching sands.

All Cascade Puzzles Locations in Genshin Impact

To solve a cascade puzzle, make sure to have a bow user in your team since they’re the only ones fit for the job, as the helping tip suggests. All cascades need to be filled with sand, and this can be done by hitting the spouts. A blue-glowing spout is open, while colorless spouts are closed. Use charged bow shots to open them as necessary to let the sand fill the lower ones first.

Here’s where you can find all of the cascades. There are no prerequisite quests, and it’s actually advised to finish those puzzles before tackling the quests as completing them modifies the puzzle’s surroundings.

Cascade Pools Locations Genshin
Screenshot by Prima Games

1 – At the ground level next to the crocodiles. The “easy mode” cascade.

2 – In front of the Temple of Gurabad, next to the Weathered Obelisk. If you’ve already unlocked the Safhe Shatranj chess board, the area changes and you have to go for the lower points to aim properly.

3 – A little bit past the temple, right beside a Seelie court.

4 – Just below the Waypoint, and hard to miss.

5 – Use the right-side Waypoint to enter the small road. The puzzle will be located to your left.

6 – A bit past the previous cascade puzzle, at the right side.

7 – Open the temple and solve the torch puzzle to activate the elevator and find the final puzzle alongside 3 locked chests.

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The final location is technically 3 consecutive puzzles. When you enter the lower temple level, you’ll be greeted with two walls with cascades, but only one wall has spouts while the other already has its middle cascade filled.

The left wall needs to be a perfect mirror of the right wall to solve the puzzle. So fill the middle cascade while leaving all others empty to get your first chest, alongside some enemies.

The right wall will change, now having the top left and the lower right cascades lighten up. The left one needs to mirror it, so fill the top right and the lower left. More enemies spawn.

Once more the right wall changes to fill the top right, middle and lower left cascades. So now you fill the top left, middle, and lower right ones. With that done, congratulations! You finished all cascade puzzles, obtaining the “The Ancient Orchard and Spring” achievement while doing so. Enjoy your rewards.

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