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All Cars in Fortnite

by Morgan Shaver

It’s official, cars are coming to Fortnite on August 5. With the announcement comes the reveal of different car types like the Whiplash and the Mudflap.

Outside of physical appearance, Fortnite players may wonder whether there are any differences between these vehicles. 

Based on the info available, it looks like yes, all of the cars in Fortnite will have differences when it comes to things like speed, health, and fuel capacity.

All Cars in Fortnite

In total, five cars have been officially confirmed by Epic Games as part of the Fortnite Joy Ride Update on August 5. The confirmed cars coming to Fortnite include the Whiplash, Mudflap, Prevalent, Bear, and Taxi.

Of the four, the Whiplash has garnered the most attention due to its sporty design and clear emphasis on speed. When you’re racing against the storm (or other players), speed is exactly what you need.

In addition to speed, other stats that cars will have include health which refers to how much damage they can withstand. Of the four, the Mudflap will have the most health but at the cost of speed.

In the past, information on car categories and stats were shared by Fortnite Intel HYPEX and FireMonkey which show the differences between each car type in regards to things like fuel capacity and boosting. 

In the future, we may see new car types added to Fortnite in later updates. Who knows, Fortnite may even collaborate with car manufacturers like Tesla to add custom cars to the game.

Fortnite has had stranger collaborations in the past so it wouldn’t be a huge shock if something like that were to happen.  

Until more cars are confirmed here’s a quick overview of the four vehicles that’ll be available in Fortnite when the Joy Ride Update goes live on August 5.


Type: Sports Car


Type: Big Rig Truck


Type: Small Car


Type: Standard Truck


Type: Standard Car

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