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Forza Horizon 4 Barn Find Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Forza Horizon 4 has a ton of cars for players to collect and add to their garages. One of the best ways to get your hands on new, vintage cars is to discover each Forza Horizon 4 barn find location. Each barn find offers collectible cars that will reward you with additional Influence, as well as add new vehicles to your collection for you to make use of. In this article we’ll outline the every Forza Horizon 4 barn find location, as well as show you the quickest way to find them all.

All Barn Finds

Because of the four seasons nature of Forza Horizon 4, some Barn Finds will only be available during specific seasons. After you find a barn, the car will be restored over a short amount of time. Once it is fully restored, you’ll be granted the fully-restored vehicle for your car collection, adding a nice boost of Influence to your Driver’s reputation.

1983 Audi Sport Quattro

Players can find the barn for this vehicle in the forest below Derwent Reservoir. Once you receive the call for it, open up the map and look for the forest located directly beneath the ‘Derwent Reservoir’ label on the map. Head here and look out for a rounded, rusty barn to unlock the car.

1962 Triumph Spitfire

To find this car, players should look for the barn south of Glen Rannoch, just northeast of the Lakehurst forest. Head to the Express Railyard and look for the bar in a small grove of trees just beyond the railroad tracks.

1986 Ford Escort RS Turbo

This Ford Escort RS Turbo from the mid-80’s can be found in a barn located near the top of a mountain to the southwest of Glen Rannoch. You’ll need to bring yourself a hefty all-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the peak and find the barn at the top.

1993 Jaguar XJ220

This car from the early nineties was considered one of the fastest production cars when it came out originally and now players can add it to their collection by finding the barn east of Ambleside, located in a bend along the country roads.

1961 Jaguar E-Type S1

Players can find the barn with this vehicle on a dirt road south of Tarn Hows, located along the bank of the small lake.

1998 TVR Cerbera Speed 12

Look for this barn find east of Moorhead Wind Farm and then just south of Greendale Airstrip. To get there easily, drive down the airstrip and head off to the left and towards the ocean’s edge to find the barn.

1997 Lotus Elise GT1

Head north of the Horizon Festival site and look for Slate Quarry. You can follow the dirt track on the lower left-hand side of the quarry to reach this barn find location.

1998 Subaru Impreza 22B STI

The next barn find on our list can be found south of Lakehurt Forest and to the west of Moorhead Wind Farm. Look for the thin dirt road that makes its way through the forest in the direction of Derwent Water. The barn can be found along this path.

1966 MG MGB GT

Head north of Astmoor to find this barn find. You’ll be able to spot the barn hiding on top of one of the little hills in this area.

1965 Mini Cooper S

You will find this barn find located along the southwestern edge of Derwent Water, just to the north of Ambleside on your map. Look for the barn and open it up to gain access to this vehicle once it is restored.

1931 Bentley 4-1/2 Liter Supercharged

In order to unlock this vehicle, players are going to need to gather up 10 million CR and purchased Bamburgh Castle. Once you have the castle, head south of the property and you should find the barn hidden along the coastal road that runs northeast of Astmoor.

1962 Peel P50 – Summer Exclusive

The next barn find can only be found during the summer season of Forza Horizon 4. Once Summer hits, look for the barn along the way between the Horizon Festival Site and Uffington White Horse. If you managed to make it over to Ashbrook, then you’ve traveled too far so you’ll need to retrace your steps.

1964 Ford GT 40 MKI – Spring Exclusive

Wait until the Spring season hits in Forza Horizon 4 and then search for this barn along the western treeline that divides the area around Moorhead Wind Farm.

1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato – Autumn Exclusive

The Autumn exclusive barn find can be found to the south of the Horizon Festival Site, overlooking one of the small lakes here.

1973 Range Rover Land Rover – Winter Exclusive

Look for this Winter exclusive barn find along the frozen coast of Derwent Water. Drive out to the middle of the lake and look for this barn on a small island.

Now that you know how to find all the barn finds in Forza Horizon 4, make sure you head back over to our Forza Horizon 4 guides for more in-depth strategy content.