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All Amiibo Rewards in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Listed

Make those figures pay for themselves

Amiibos are a great addition to any Switch game as they let you redeem some great rewards, especially early on in a game. Here are all the Amiibo Rewards in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom listed.

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All Amiibo Rewards in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Listed

Do you love collecting Amiibos? If you do, your Amiibos might earn you some helpful rewards in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Here’s everything you can expect to get.

AmiiboFeatured ItemsMisc. Goods
Tears of the Kingdom Link AmiiboChampion’s Leathers Paraglider SkinA variety of mushrooms
Breath of the Wild Rider Link AmiiboHylian-Hood Paraglider FabricA variety of mushrooms
Breath of the Wild Archer Link AmiiboTunic of Memories Paraglider Fabric
Ancient Blade
A variety of fish
Twilight Princess (Smash Bros) Link AmiiboMirror of Twilght Paraglider Fabric
Epona the horse
Cap of Twilight
Tunic of Twilight
Trousers of Twilight
A variety of fruits and nuts
Ocarina of Time Link (Smash Bros) Young Link AmiiboLon Lon Ranch Paraglider Fabric
Cap of Time
Tunic of Time
Trousers of Time
Biggoron’s Sword
A variety of meats
Majora’s Mask Link AmiiboMajora’s Mask Paraglider Fabric
Fierce Deity Mask
Fierce Deity Armor
Fierce Deity Boots
Fierce Deity Sword
A variety of mushrooms
Skyward Sword Link AmiiboSword-Spirit Paraglider Fabric
Cap of the Sky
Tunic of the Sky
Trousers of the Sky
White Sword of the Sky
A variety of arrows and barrels with materials inside
Wind Waker Toon Link AmiiboKing of Red Lions Paraglider Fabric
Cap of the Wind
Tunic of Wind Trousers of the Wind
Sea Breeze Shield
Sea Breeze Boomerang
A variety of arrows and fish
Link’s Awakening Link AmiiboEgg Paraglider Fabric
Mask of Awakening
Tunic of Awakening
Trousers of Awakening
A variety of arrows and barrels with materials inside
The Legend of Zelda 8-Bit Link AmiiboPixel Paraglider Fabric
Cap of the Hero
Tunic of the Hero
Trousers of the Hero
Sword of the Hero
A variety of arrows and barrels with materials inside
Breath of the Wild Zelda AmiiboHyrule Princess Paraglider Fabric
Knight’s Shield
Soldier’s Shield
A variety of gems and herbs
Skyward Sword Zelda and Loftwing AmiiboGoddess Paraglider Fabric
Soldier’s Bow
Knight’s Bow
A variety of gems and herbs
Wind Waker Zelda AmiiboBygone Royal Paraglider Fabric
Sea Breeze Shield
Soldier’s Shield
Knight’s Shield
A variety of gens and herbs
Smash Brothers Zelda AmiiboPrincess of Twilight Paraglider Fabric
Dusk Bow
Soldier’s Bow
Knight’s Bow
A variety of gems and herbs
Smash Brothers Sheik AmiiboSheik Paraglider Fabric
Sheik’s Mask
Eightfold Blade (Tarnished or Untarnished)
Shield of the Mind’s Eye
Phrenic Bow
A variety of arrows and mushrooms
Twilight Princess Wolf Link AmiiboMirror of Twilight Paraglider FabricA variety of meats
Smash Brothers Ganondorf AmiiboDemon King Paraglider Fabric Dusk Claymore Gerudo Claymore (Tarnished or Untarnished)A variety of meats, Bokoblin guts, and gemstones
Breath of the Wild Mipha AmiiboZora Champion Paraglider Fabric
Vah Ruta Divine Helm
Zora Spear (Tarnished or Untarnished)
A variety of fish
Breath of the Wild Daruk AmiiboGoron Champion Paraglider Fabric
Vah Rudania Divine Helm
Cobble Crusher (Tarnished or Untarnished)
Minerals and gemstones
Breath of the Wild Revali AmiiboRito Champion Paraglider Fabric
Vah Medoh Divine Helm
Falcon Bow
Swallow Bow
A variety of arrows, herbs, and vegetables
Breath of the Wild Urbosa AmiiboGerudo Champion Paraglider Fabric
Vah Naboris Divine Helm
Gerudo Scimitar (Tarnished or Untarnished)
A variety of meats
Breath of the Wild Guardian AmiiboAncient Sheikah Paraglider Fabric
Ancient Blade
Rusty Broadsword
Rusty Claymore Rusty
Iron boxes with arrows and a variety of other materials
Breath of the Wild Bokoblin AmiiboBokoblin Paraglider Fabric
Boko Bow
Spiked Boko Bow
Boko Shield
Spiked Boko Shield  
Bokoblin Guts A variety of meats

How to Redeem an Amiibo Code in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To redeem your Amiibos for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll first need to make sure that Amiibos are enabled. To make sure you’ve done this:

  1. Press the + Button to open the Pause Menu.
  2. Navigate to the System Menu using the R Button.
  3. Select Options, then select the amiibo setting and enable Amiibo to unlock the Amiibo ability.
  4. Press the B Button to exit the Options Menu, then again to exit the Pause Menu.

Once your Amiibo are enabled, all you’ll need to do is:

  1. Hold the L Button while playing the game to change the ability you have set.
  2. Select the amiibo icon to set that as your current ability.
  3. Once the amiibo ability is set, release the L Button to activate the ability.
  4. A glowing indicator will appear where you can aim the amiibo. Aim the indicator where you want your rewards to land, then hold the amiibo figure over the Right Stick to scan it. The amiibo item will appear there.

Remember, you can only use one Amiibo figure per day! Unless you use time-skipping, of course.

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