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All Achievements in Genshin Impact 3.5 Version

Freemogems for your achievements

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact 3.5 Patch Notes

Getting trophies or achievements is always a great part of gaming, and live-service ones usually add a bunch of those in each new update. Genshin Impact is notorious for that, having over 800 goals for players to chase. They grant some extra wishing fuel too, so it’s always nice to see them popping up.

With the newest version, the ever-growing list is expanding once again, so here are all of the new achievements introduced in Genshin Impact version 3.5 and which trials you’ll need to conquer along the way.

All New Achievements in Genshin Impact 3.5

Since this is a smaller update with not much new content, there are not a lot of new titles to brag about either. Notably, there are no (truly) hidden achievements this time, and you’ll get most of them by just playing through the new content normally.

Wonders of the World

These are all achievements related to the new Archon Quest available in this version. All of them will be unlocked as you make your way through Dains’ new tale, so go at your own pace for these ones. Descriptions are omitted to avoid spoilers.

  • Star-Crossed Night
  • The Sickness Unto Near-Death
  • The Far Side of Fate
  • Caribet

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Memories of the Heart

These achievements are all related to Faruzan’s new Hangout Event. All you need to do is go through the 5 different endings while doing specific tasks in some of them. You can see more about the exact tasks in the Hangout guide.

  • Optimal Solution – Complete “A Confounding Conundrum” and unlock all endings.
  • To You in a Hundred Years – Read all the letters sent to Faruzan.
  • Mechanics: From Beginner to…? – Guess correctly the smallest number of moves it will take to solve a seven-layer Pagoda Stack.

And that’s pretty much it. You can get all of them by basically just playing normally, so that’s another full version of achievements you don’t need to worry about. Be prepared for 3.6, though, as more areas are likely to appear and, with them, lots of secret objectives to complete.

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