Alan Wake 2: How to Solve the Rock Rock Tree Combination Lock

Rock, tree, crate, dog, plane.

Alan Wake 2 screenshot of the Rock Rock Tree Crate
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As you explore the world of Alan Wake 2, you’ll come across many puzzles that can be good to solve for some extra supplies, with one such puzzle tripping people up early on. Here’s how to solve the Rock Rock Tree combination lock in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Code

The Rock Rock Tree combination lock appears during the Return 2: Heart chapter of Alan Wake 2 after removing the flooding from Cauldron Lake. As you explore the Streamside zone, just south of the Private Cabin, you’ll come across a crate that says “Rock, rock, tree. Are you bright enough?” There’s also a lock on it, awaiting a three-digit combination.

The rock, rock, tree section of this puzzle involves three different math equations that you’ll need to solve to get each of the numbers. These are located on a rock behind the crate, a tree to its left, and a rock down in the lower part of the area. You can use the images above if you’re stuck. The first number should be the 3 plus 3, or 6. The second is the lower rock, being 7 minus 2, or 5. The final number is on the tree, being 6 plus 2, or 8.


When in doubt, get your flashlight out! The various equations that solve the rock rock tree puzzle will reflect light, so you’ll want to wave your flashlight around the area to locate each one. You’ll need to use this trick on a number of other cult stash puzzles as well.

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Code

The Rock Rock Tree code is 658, a combination of the three equations you had to solve once you found the Streamside stash. Input this code into the crate, and you’ll find three items inside. These are the Hand Flare, First Aid Kid, and Propane Tanks. The first two are useful for offensive and healing capabilities, while the Propane Tank will be useful later down the line. Now that you’ve got everything, you’re free to handle whatever else you want around Cauldron Lake.

Alan Wake 2’s rock rock tree puzzle isn’t the only thing you’ll find in Return 2: The Heart. Check out our guide on all collectable locations in Return 2: The Heart to find more in the chapter.

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