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AFK Arena: Poetic Pop Quiz Questions and Answers Guide

Cheese your way through this quiz with these simple steps!

by Nikola L

You thought that you could AFK your way through the quiz? Well, no, you can’t, but we still have everything you need to pass the Poetic Pop quiz in AFK Arena in this comprehensive and simple guide, sorted by days.

Poetic Pop Quiz Questions & Answers in AFK Arena

Day 1

  • Question: After using the skill “Winds of Fury”, how many seconds is Thane granted a shield for?
    Answer: 8
  • Question: In the current version of the game, gear can be enhanced to reach a total of how many stars?
    Answer: 5
  • Question: Who is Fawkes – Death’s Defeat’s accomplice?
    Answer: Raine – Death’s Denier
  • Question: What was Oscar – The True Gentleman’s previous profession?
    Answer: Hitman
  • Question: What acute sense does Lyca – Keeper of Glades have that no one has?
    Answer: Smell

Day 2

  • Question: After using his Ultimate Skill “Soul Feast”, while his shield exists, how much damage does Daimon take that is intended for his allies?
    Answer: 35%
  • Question: Opening the Soren Team Hunting feature requires the expenditure of what?
    Answer: Guild Activity Points
  • Question: What color are Audrae – The Chaotic Star’s eyes?
    Answer: Blue
  • Question: What did Rowan – The Roamer once receive as a gift?
    Answer: A duck
  • Question: Which of the following is not another name for Alna?
    Answer: The Winter Warrior

Day 3

  • Question: How many snakes has Thesku – The Serpent Charmer raised?
    Answer: 4
  • Question: How many Soulstones are required to summon a hero?
    Answer: 60
  • Question: How much of an attribute bonus is granted for using 4 heroes of the same faction in formation together?
    Answer: 15%
  • Question: What effect does Rowan – The Roamer’s Signature Item Skill have?
    Answer: Energy Recovery
  • Question: Which of the following is a bounty hunter?
    Answer: Fawkes – Death’s Defeat

Day 4

  • Question: At what moment did Thane – The Exalted transform into Thane – The Veiled Wind?
    Answer: When he received the Wind Emblem
  • Question: How many glasses is Dolly from the Noble Tavern holding in her hands?
    Answer: 6
  • Question: To activate all Union Attribute Bonuses, heroes must reach which Ascension tier?
    Answer: Legendary+
  • Question: When Talene – The Resurging Flame’s skill “A New Dawn” reaches level 3, how many Accuracy points does the target lose?
    Answer: 100
  • Question: Which of the following has not endured the anguish of being separated from a loved one?
    Answer: Ferael – Doomwhisper

Day 5

  • Question: In the first chapter of the Library’s “Echoes of Time”, who is the sickly commander that is mentioned?
    Answer: Estrilda – Knight of Valor
  • Question: What is the dummy belonging to Alaro- Desert’s Eye called?
    Answer: Zorn
  • Question: What is the maximum number of fireballs Astar – The Brilliant Flame’s skill “Lantern’s Flame” can produce?
    Answer: 7
  • Question: Which of the following items is used to raise Engraving Levels?
    Answer: Elemental Core
  • Question: Which two elements does Eironn – Stormsword’s Signature item “Elemental Blades” use?
    Answer: Ice & Wind

Day 6

  • Question: What can excess Exclusive Furniture be used for?
    Answer: Strengthening Furniture
  • Question: What effect does the Arcane Labyrinth’s Fountain of Vitality have?
    Answer: Replenishes 50% Health
  • Question: What is the number of Wind Veil layers Thane- The Veiled Wind can give to his allies when he uses his Awakened skill “Wind’s Veil” at the start of battles?
    Answer: 2
  • Question: What relation is Morael – Queen of Stars to Audrae – The Chaotic Star?
    Answer: Sister
  • Question: Which of the following heroes is NOT an Elemental Guardian?
    Answer: Astar – The Brilliant Flame

Day 7

  • Question: How many times per day can I collect Fast Rewards for free?
    Answer: 1
  • Question: Pippa – The Muddled Magician’s Ultimate skill, ‘Pippa’s Imitation’, CANNOT imitate which of these?
    Answer: Lyca -Keeper of Glades
  • Question: What is the maximum amount of Critical Strike damage a hero can achieve through Crit Damage Amplification?
    Answer: 290%
  • Question: What is the name of the little critter in Astar’s front pocket?
    Answer: Tam
  • Question: Which of these heroes is Raku – The Rascal’s friend?
    Answer: Pippa

Day 8

  • Question: What species’ corpses are found in ‘Chapter 36 – Dragon’s Rest’ on the world map?
    Answer: Dragon
  • Question: Which of these is NOT a function available at the Rickety Cart in Ranhorn?
    Answer: Ascend Hero
  • Question: Which of these is NOT a hero of ‘The Traveling Trio’ union?
    Answer: Peggy
  • Question: Which of these is NOT one of Talene – The Resurging Flame’s skills?
    Answer: Phoenix Rising
  • Question: Which of the following heroes is not a tank?
    Answer: Lyca

Day 9

  • Question: Kaz – Hand of the Wood’s Signature Item “Hope’s Precipice” is forged from what?
    Answer: Obsidian
  • Question: When the Engraving Level reaches 80, what color are the stars on the hero page?
    Answer: White
  • Question: When Ulmus – Aldermarrow uses his skill “Writhing Roots”, what effect can be dealt to enemies?
    Answer: Entanglement
  • Question: Which of the following heroes is a Durri?
    Answer: All of them
  • Question: Which of the following is Silas – Augmented Death’s most prized masterpiece?
    Answer: Izold – The Forgotten Champion

Day 10

  • Question: At what tier can a hero unlock their signature item?
    Answer: Mythic
  • Question: Khasos – The Unruly’s skill “Rabid Thirst” can provide allies with what effect?
    Answer: Life Leech
  • Question: What is the relationship between Gorvo – The Indomitable and Serius – Savior of the Sea?
    Answer: Friends
  • Question: What item can be used in the Arcane Labyrinth to resurrect fallen heroes?
    Answer: Dura’s Tears
  • Question: Where did Fane – The Wicked Warden work before he died?
    Answer: Abattoir

Day 11

  • Question: In the Arcanists Union story, Vedan The Demise adopted who?
    Answer: Silvina – The Taken Breath and Isabella – The Taken Soul
  • Question: When Oku – Iron Fist uses his skill “Beetle Bash”, how many beetles are used in the attack?
    Answer: 2
  • Question: Which king was Grezhul The Corrupted loyal to?
    Answer: Thoran The Fallen King
  • Question: Who does Ezizh – Hellborn regard as his natural enemy?
    Answer: Tasi Dreamhopper
  • Question: Who is Tidus Shadowmane’s nemesis?
    Answer: Warek The Untamed

Day 12

  • Question: In the current version of the game, the maximum tier a piece of Mythic gear can be raised to is?
    Answer: T4
  • Question: Safiya – Daughter of the Desert and Ankhira – Deceptive Beauty are together in which Union?
    Answer: The Sisterhood
  • Question: Which Attribute affects hero casting and attack speed?
    Answer: Haste
  • Question: Who is Anoki – The Blood Guard loyal to?
    Answer: Skriath – The Wise One
  • Question: Who is Mehira – Mind Cager obsessed with?
    Answer: Fawkes – Death’s Defeat

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