Adore: All Trophies and Achievements

Adore trophies and achievements revealed

After initially launching on PC over three years ago, Adore, the positively received “creature-collecting” RPG from Cadabra Games, is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on August 3, 2023. For its console release, Adore also provides PlayStation and Xbox gamers with a list of trophies and achievements to complete. Let’s take a look at all of the trophies and achievements found in Adore, including their rarity and Gamerscore.

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Adore Trophy and Achievement Lists

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True Adorer (Platinum Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Unlock All Trophies (PlayStation) / Unlock All Achievements (Xbox)

First Bond (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Capture your first creature

Shopping (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Buy an artifact

Getting Started (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Have a full party

Diversity (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Capture one of each creature type

Ancient Power (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Equip a rune

Starving (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Give your creature some food

Jars Hatred (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Destroy 50 jars

Big Backyard (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Unlock all shrine slots

B’koro (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Defeat B’koro

Tarl (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Defeat Tarl

Kisara (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Defeat Kisara

Kyn (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Defeat Kyn

Raad (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Defeat Raad

Archeologist (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Clear a dungeon

Gem Handler (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Use a gem in an artifact

Chef (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Cook with three different ingredients

Adventurer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Explore all maps

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Expeditioner (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Complete an expedition

Blessed (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Capture a blessed creature

Super Blessed (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Capture a super blessed creature

Novice Artisan (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Upgrade an artifact

Master Artisan (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Fully upgrade an artifact

Guardian of Draknar (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Complete the main questline

Dukur’s Apprentice (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Capture your first legendary creature

Master Tamer (Gold Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Capture all creatures

Legendary Master Tamer (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Capture all legendary creatures 

Secret Creature (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Capture the secret creature

Meecra’s Secret Power (Silver Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Have four meecras in your party and beat a map

Ancient Knowledge (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Unlock all rune slots

Rune Expert (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Find all runes

Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Deal damage on dummies

Novice Explorer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Find 4 artifacts

Adept Explorer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Find 8 artifacts

Expert Explorer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Find 12 artifacts

Master Explorer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Find 20 artifacts

Novice Tamer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Capture 10 unique creatures

Adept Tamer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Capture 20 unique creatures

Expert Tamer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Capture 30 unique creatures

Letting go (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Release a creature

What’s Inside? (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Open a chest

Total Strength (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Level up a creature to level 5

Why? (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Release a super blessed creature

Purifier (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Heal a cursed creature using a holy food

Master of Blessed Creatures (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Capture all blessed creatures

Master of Super Blessed Creatures (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Capture all super blessed creatures

Adept Adorer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Complete quests of the Depth VI

Expert Adorer (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Complete quests of the Depth VII

Master Adorer (Gold Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Complete quests of the Depth VIII

Ascended (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Complete an ascension trial

In total, Adore has 50 trophies and achievements on the way to the PlayStation Platinum or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore, respectively. For more achievement hunting on Prima Games, check out the trophy list for the newly released Remnant II.

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