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Acorns not Spawning in Grounded, How to Fix

by Lucas White

Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded team released a new patch for the game late last week, bringing the game to version 0.1.1. While the patch addressed a number of bugs and known issues in Grounded, it introduced more problems, some of which are making the game pretty hard to play! One such bug seems to have impacted spawning rates for not only materials such as acorns, but resource generators such as the important dew collector. So what can the playerbase do about the spawning issue before the next patch?

Acorns not Spawning in Grounded, How to Fix

Obviously there isn’t a way to force the glitch to not happen, but both Obsidian’s support team and some creative players have found some potential workarounds. Your mileage may vary on all of these, as players seem to be encountering this bug in different ways. That said, if you’re trying to play Grounded and don’t want to wait and watch the support forums, these things are totally worth a shot.

For objects such as the dew collector that are meant to spawn resources for you, there’s no way to make them spawn properly again. However, you do always get the initial spawn. Some players are taking the time to create a device, get the first resource drop, then dismantle and re-craft. This seems to work, although it is far from convenient.

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Another solution for water is to make use of the Canteen+ item. You can take your Canteen+ to a juicebox on the map, then use that to fill your Water Container. Specifically, the Fruit Punch box near the Mystery Machine seems to be working out for players, and it has a few great building spots too.

Finally, Obsidian is aware of the issue, and it seems to be related to a bug fix for in-game time not working before this patch. The official Grounded Twitter states that if you log in and out of the game and reload it, that should fix the issue. This seems to be an inconsistent workaround, but it’s worth trying a few times to kickstart your game into behaving.

Unfortunately, that’s about it for dealing with this particular bug, which many players are calling “game breaking.” It’s definitely not a great situation, but it’s important to remember that Grounded is in an early access period, and is therefore in active development. If you want to keep tabs on this and other issues in Grounded, the community on the Obsidian support forums is pretty active.

Are you still trying to play Grounded after this latest patch, and have you found any unique workarounds or strategies to combat this bug? Are you taking the matter as a renewed challenge? Or are you just going to wait and play something else for a while until the full fix comes in? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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