The Secret Weapon For Destroying AC-Sized Foes in Armored Core 6 (AC6)


I can hardly blame you if you’re struggling with a boss or enemy in Armored Core VI. But if they’re about the size of an AC themselves – and therefore prone to stagger – I have the perfect weapon for you. What if I told you a secret weapon can blitz an enemy’s HP down to nearly 30% in one swing?

The Best Melee Weapon for AC-Sized Enemies in Armored Core 6

The WB-0010 Double Trouble is an extremely high-risk, high-reward venture. Missing means you’ll be vulnerable as you languish in a lengthy recovery animation. But hitting a charged attack means you can rip enemies to shreds. You lock them in place and deal massive damage by using them right after an enemy staggers. It’s insanely helpful to dominate foes in the campaign and arena alike.

How To Get The Double Trouble Chainsaw in Armored Core 6

Towards the end of Chapter 3, you’ll encounter a mission tasking you with eliminating the AC pilot “Honest” Brute and his AC, “Milktooth.” On your way down, take careful note of the platforms as you descend – a parts container is on one of them. It’s out in the open but a bit easy to miss because of the size of the area – use your scanner to ping it if you’re having trouble finding it. This container holds the WB-0010 Double Trouble chainsaw melee weapon. Below, I’ll show you exactly where to get it.

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The view from the beginning of the mission “Eliminate ‘Honest’ Brute”

Once you begin your descent, watch for the section with laser defenses. Once you see these, you’re close! See the image below for the chest’s exact location.

Chest with the “Double Trouble” Chainsaws

And with that, the chainsaws are yours! I really like these weapons, especially paired with high-impact compliments like Zimmerman shotguns. If you want to see what we think of Armored Core VI, here’s our review!

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