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Absolver – How to Leave a School

by Prima Games Staff

There are a variety of schools in Absolver that each teach your character different techniques. However, a question that has been asked countless times since the game released, is how to leave a school in Absolver. This article covers how to leave a school in Absolver so you can start learning new techniques from different schools and expand your character’s wealth of knowledge. The more techniques your character knows, the more versatile you can be in fights.

How to Leave a School

The only ways to leave a school in Absolver are to either create your own school, or join a different school. There are several ways you can join schools or create your own. To create your own school, once you have completed enough combat trials you can speak with the person making statues on the second floor of the Oritan Quarter. He will unlock the ability to create your own school once you’ve done enough of the combat trials.

Alternatively, you can join another school. In most cases this is as easy as finding a recent encounter (in the in-game menu or altar menu) and selecting a person already in a school. You’ll know who the students are because there’s a triangle next to their name. Joining any of these schools will automatically make you leave your current school.

We’ll have more strategies and advice coming very soon in our Absolver game hub!