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Absolver Marked Ones and Boss Locations

by Prima Games Staff

While Absolver has a lot of multiplayer action going on, if you want to get through the first part of the game, you’re probably looking for all of the Marked One and boss locations. This article covers all of the Absolver Marked One locations, as well as the boss locations in the game. To make things easier, we start at the Guidance Bridge and work our way around the entire area, going through all of the Marked Ones and all of the Absolver boss locations as well.

First Marked One – Revario

Starting at the altar in the Guidance Bridge area (where you begin after completing the training area), head up the stairs and out the door to the left. Turn right and follow the path as it curves to the left and continues down the cliff side. When you get to the bottom, follow the path to the right and continue to follow the dirt path as it curves through the mountains and you eventually reach the Hunting Path.

Keep following the path, as you take a left at the next fork. When you reach the enemies ahead, continue to the right of the above ground tree roots that look almost like a fallen tree trunk. There’s another alter up the hill immediately to the right after passing the large tree roots. To the left of the altar you’ll pass under a fallen tree trunk that looks like a makeshift bridge. Follow the path from here as it circles around to an open grove where Revario, the first Marked One, awaits.

Second Marked One – Angrel

Head back to the second altar, just before you encountered Revario and turn around to head back toward the Guidance Bridge area. As soon as you get down the first hill (with the cut down tree stump visible in the distance), take a slight left, then continue straight ahead through the stone pillars. Follow the path to the left as you enter a cave, then continue to the left once you’re back out into the open again.

As you continue to follow the path you will soon enter the Forgotten Temple area. Head to the right of the stairs that lead into the temple ahead, then make your way to the left as you cross over a small stone bridge. The path curves around to the right, then the left as you hit the next altar. To the left of the altar is a very narrow pathway leading into the temple. Pay close attention as it’s easy to miss. Inside the temple you will find Angrel, the Second Marked One.

Third Marked One – Ama Saba

From the altar just outside the temple were you fight the Second Marked One, from the orientation of facing the entrance to the temple, head to the right of the altar (the path between the broken stone pillars). Continue down the path to the right as you pass a fallen stone pillar on the left side of the path (so you know you’re going the right direction).

The path circles around as you head up the hill until you reach Bird Callers Outpost and another altar. Continue past the altar as you move through the outpost. On the far side of the outpost is a barn-like structure where you’ll find Ama Saba, the Third Marked One.

First Boss – Cargal & Kilnor

Starting at the barn-like structure where you fought Ama Saba, leave the barn and head up the hill to the left. Hug the left side of the path until you reach a small flight of stairs and enter the Adalian Columbary. Continue up the wooden stairs and into the structure ahead, then interact with the glowing point of light to start the first boss battle against Carhal & Kilnor.

Sixth Marked One – Dormek

After you defeat the first boss, Cargal & Kilnor, continue through the structure where you fought them, to find another altar just outside and to the left. Continue past the altar and head up the path to the left until you reach the Tower of Adal. Keep moving through the Tower of Adal, following the main path as it leads you through a small doorway.

Open the door and clear the barrier, then head up the stairs and cross the bridge on the other side of the doorway. Continue to the right to find another altar and go down the hallway left of the altar. Move through the doorway on the right in the next room. Pass through the small crevice under the stairs to the right, then drop down to the courtyard below. To the left you will find Dormek, the Sixth Marked One.

Fifth Marked One – Ristael

Defeat Dormek, then head up the ramp on the far side of this small arena. Drop down into the area below and head up the first flight of stairs to the immediate left. Before you hit the second flight of stairs, go right and head through the left doorway ahead. Continue down the hallway to the left, to find the altar you passed just before the fight against Dormek.

Head up the long flight of stairs to the right of the altar (from your current perspective), then head down the path to the right when you reach the top. Continue down the next flight of stairs to find Jinn Mesca, Prime Disciple of the Golden Bottle. While he’s not a boss or a Marked One, if you defeat him you can unlock a gate in the Colosseum that eventually allows you to learn Stagger Style from the NPC, Rakkio. Fight him or not, then contiine into the large open area below. Run straight across to the path on the far side that leads up the hill to the right.

Continue to follow the path through the doorway at the end. Move through the building, then to the left when you emerge on the far side. Make your way through the doorway just ahead, then head left and across the wooden tunnel-like structure. When you reach the crumbling village ahead, turn right and head across the wooden bridge, then continue down the path to the left. This leads up a small ramp to a concrete path that heads right and leads to another wooden bridge and the Oratian Quarter.

Move down the path and across another wooden bridge, then head left to circle around the crumbling building. Drop down to the lower floor of the building and head into the opening to the right. Continue across the next bridge, then left when you reach the very end after the stairs. Head into the small opening to the right, then drop down to the area below and continue to the left and up the hill.

Circle around to the right as you enter the Raslan Coliseum area. Head up the small ramp, then to the left. Go up the two small flights of stairs, then continue up the ramp to the right instead of moving into the building ahead. Circle around to the left and up the next flight of stairs. When you reach the top you will encounter, the Fifth Marked One.

Second Boss – Kuretz

After defeating Ristael, drop down on the far side of the area to find yourself near the stairs you just came up. Collect the nearby item, then head right to reach those very same stairs. Continue down the stairs and across the bridge, going back the same way you just came in to fight Ristael.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, drop down into the open area to the left. Here there’s a stone platform in the middle where you’ll see a glowing point of light. Interact with the light to fight the second boss, Kuretz. You may have to clear away some of the enemies in the immediate area before you can access the boss battle.

Fourth Marked One – Lamren

After you battle Kuretz, there are four exits from the arena. Two of the exits are a bit far apart, while the other two are fairly close together. Look at the two that are close together and head through the exit to the right. When you reach the open area, head down the path to the left, near the far wall. Continue through the buildings and down the alley to the right. When you reach the end of the alley, head left as you enter the Central Harbor area.

Go up the stairs immediately to the left, and continue up the second small flight of stairs. Before you climb any higher, run straight ahead and drop down to the area below. Keep moving straight, then head right when you see the large doorway shaped like an arch. Continue straight ahead to encounter Lamren, the Fourth Marked One.

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