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Absolver Level Cap – Max Level

by Prima Games Staff

Absolver just released for the PlayStation 4 and PC. As players are getting into the game, many have been wondering what the level cap is in Absolver. This article covers the Absolver level cap so you know what the max level is and can play the game accordingly. As you level up, more slots become available to use various actions, so it’s important to know what the max level is as you’re playing through the game.

The max level in Absolver is currently level 60. The developers at Sloclap do plan to update the game with free DLC in the future. When this happens it’s entirely possible that the level cap may be raised, but as of August 2017 when the game launched, the level cap holds at 60. If the level cap does eventually increase, we’ll be sure to keep this article updated with any new information.

We’re just starting to dig into the game here at Prima Games, but we’ll have quite a bit more coming your way very soon. Keep an eye on our Absolver game hub for more strategy content and advice over the coming days and weeks!