Cookie Run Kingdom, Heaven-Splitting Lightning Update.
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A Guide to Cookie Run Kingdom’s Heaven-Splitting Lightning Update

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Cookie Run Kingdom recently launched its latest update titled Heaven-Splitting Lightning. This update featured major changes and implementations, forever changing the game for the better, and here is everything you need to know about it.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Heaven-Splitting Lightning Update Breakdown

The Heaven-Splitting Lightning update is arguably the biggest update to hit Cookie Run Kingdom since its third Anniversary Festival event and Beast Yeast update that landed earlier in 2024. This new update features an entirely new cookie type, a fresh legendary character, and many more incredible changes.

Newest Legendary Cookie – Stormbringer Cookie

Stormbringer Cookie is the latest legendary character to join Cookie Run Kingdom and the first to introduce players to the new electricity element. She’s also a front-lining, charge-type cookie. Here is Stormbringer Cookie’s ability.

  • Lightning Blitzstorm (13 sec cooldown) – Stormbringer Cookie becomes supercharged when her crit chance exceeds a certain percentage at the start of the battle, granting supercharge buffs to electricity-type allies. When Stormbringer Cookie becomes supercharged, her regular attacks trigger Chain Lightning after a certain number of hits. Upon using her skill, she swings her Heaven Splitter, dealing damage to enemies and inflicting Zap. Whenever allies deal electricity-type damage, it activates Stormbringer’s Aura and inflicts Stormbringer’s Punishment upon reaching a certain amount of stacks. Stormbringer’s Punishment deals damage and inflicts Overcurrent on enemies. If enemies are inflicted with Zap, they receive extra damage and their status changes to Overcurrent. Stormbringer’s Aura resets when Stormbringer’s Punishment is activated.

Not a lot is known about Stormbringer Cookie, aside from the fact that she rules the skies. The mighty protector wields a powerful spear called the Heaven-Splitter which allows her to channel lightning and obliterate her foes. Beyond that, Stormbringer Cookie marks the start of an entirely new expansion within Cookie Run Kingdom with many more sky deities and lightning-type cookies on the way.

New Electricity Element Type

Cookie Run Kingdom has only known six elements for the past few years, until now. The latest update introduces the seventh element titled electricity. As of Cookie Run Kingdom version 5.4, a few already-known cookies have been shuffled around and placed into these new element types.

  • Black Lemonade Cookie
  • Blueberry Pie Cookie
  • Dark Cacao Cookie
  • Frilled Jellyfish Cookie
  • Olive Cookie
  • Shining Glitter Cookie
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie
  • Wizard Cookie

So far, there’s nothing relatively exciting about the new element, aside from the fact that players can now build electricity-based team compositions. Hopefully, when more electricity-type cookies come out, there’ll be a wider variety of builds for players to enjoy across PvP and PvE gameplay.

New Lightning-Type Treasures

Along with the new cookies come two treasure variants. These treasures are for lightning-type cookies and hold no value outside of those specific element-based builds.

  • Grim-looking Electrifying Scythe – Increases crit chance for electric-type cookies.
  • Thunder God’s Paper Charm – Deals electric-type damage of all cookies’ total attack to a nearby enemy, targeting cookies first, and removes all buffs.

Sublime Cake Tower

The Sublime Cake Tower is one of the latest playable features in Cookie Run Kingdom and it’s made up of the Decadent Choco Cake Tower and the Endless Strawberry Cake Tower. The tower is teeming with enemies and boss fights, but players who defeat these monsters throughout each stage level will be rewarded with a generous amount of rewards, ranging from gold to radiant crystals to beascuit dough.

Cookie Alliance

In theme with the update, a new electricity-type artifact titled Striking Lightning has been added to the Cookie Alliance mode. This artifact amplifies electricity-type abilities and when upgraded, it increases attack damage too. With the new addition of this artifact, the amount of obtainable artifact points will slightly increase for all difficulty levels.

Other Changes and Minor Details

And that’s all the exciting stuff for now. Here are some of the smaller details and changes that came with this update. Most of these implementations are quality-of-life improvements and some are just for balancing purposes.

  • Beascuits – Beascuit presets have been added. Beascuit presets can be unlocked through the Sugar Gnome Laboratory.
  • Beascuits – The “Toppings” button has been changed to “Toppings & Beascuits” in the team settings screen.
  • Beascuits – You can now lock beascuits, which makes them unavailable for resetting or breaking down.
  • Beascuits – You can now break down beascuits without moving to the break down screen.
  • Hall of Ancient Heroes – The disciple slot cooldown has been reduced from five days to forty-eight hours.
  • Hall of Ancient Heroes – You can now use disciple slot expansion tickets, as well as radiant shards to expand slots. Disciple slot expansion tickets will be prioritized over radiant shards when expanding slots.
  • Ominous Cake Tower – The Ominous Cake Tower landmark’s max level has been increased from level fifty to level seventy.
  • Ominous Cake Tower – You can level up the landmark by using chaos cake pieces.
  • Tower of Records: Tower of Sweet Chaos – Cutscenes for the Tower of Sweet Chaos are now unlocked.
  • Cookie Max Level – The cookie max levels bound to kingdom levels have been adjusted. The current max cookie level is available upon reaching kingdom level thirty-six.
  • Tree of Wishes – Requirements for fulfilling wishes have been lowered for kingdom level twelve or lower. Item quantity and rewards remain the same.
  • Kingdom Pass Daily – Daily missions have been added to the kingdom pass to earn more mission points.
  • Treasure Range Adjustment – Priestess Cookie’s Paper Charm and Echo of the Hurricane’s Song have been adjusted so that it is activated in range of an enemy.

And that’s everything important in Cookie Run Kingdom’s latest update. Check out our other guides on the best toppings for charactersthe strongest cookies across each type, and the rarest ones available.

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