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Best Picks to Synergize with Overwatch 2’s Newest Tank Ramattra

Ramattra is the perfect example of the science becomes magic trope

by Daphne Fama

On December 6, 2022 Overwatch 2 released Season 2, and with it has come a new wardrobe of skins, cosmetics, and a new hero. Ramattra’s trailer was first released during the Overwatch League. Ramattra’s revelation was a surprise for many players who had theorized that the next hero would be Mauga.

But Ramattra offers tank players an entirely new play style. Ramattra’s standard weapon is the Void Accelerator / a wizard staff, which offers extremely precise damage with no fall off. But Ramattra can shift into Nemesis Form and utilize extremely powerful omnic limbs to pummel his enemies. Very much a Bruce Banner affair, which balances intelligence and raw strength.

Ramattra’s weapons are a clear indicator of the type of play styles that are most natural for him: poke and brawl. While it seems counterintuitive to have a tank that utilizes both, it means that Ramattra is fairly flexible in who he plays with. Still, there are some heroes that pair better than others, and on defense rather than attack.



Sojourn received her fair share of nerfs in Season 2, which comes as no surprise after how omnipresent and dominant she was during the Overwatch League Grand Finals. But even with nerfs, Sojourn is a great option for mid-range poke. When Ramattra is in Nemesis form, Sojourn’s abilities allow her to take advantage of the space Ramattra makes, either by closing the gap or getting to a better vantage point. Her Disruptor Shot also pairs well with Ravenous Vortex, extending the slowing effect on enemies. Enemies that are slowed are also great target practice for Sojourn’s alternative fire.

Junkrat and Bastion

Junkrat and Bastion, like Ramattra, excel at holding chokeholds and preventing the enemy from pushing. While they’re not perfect in a brawl, both are capable of doing brutal damage close to mid-range. This works well with Ramattra’s ability to shield choke points and make pushes in his Nemesis form.

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Ashe and Widowmaker

There’s nothing better than having an Ashe or Widowmaker that can get those headshots. Ramattra, similar to Sigma, is capable of briefly shielding his allies. His shield is on a cooldown, meaning he can’t simply stand in a choke and offer sight lines to his allies, but it’s long enough that Ashe and Widowmaker have the potential to be oppressive. This should keep the opposite team from pushing forward, unless they’re running dive. If the opposite team is dive, it’s good for everyone to switch off poke.


Healing in Overwatch has never been harder. The new hyper-aggressive 5v5 switch has meant that most healers can no longer stand in back line and hope to survive. But it’s a healer that can poke and keep Ramattra up that will synergize best with the tempo tank.


Similar to Ashe and Widowmaker, Ana is an excellent choice for dealing both poke damage and hitting her allies who are likely stationed at multiple locations on the map. But she also serves the important function of keeping Ramattra up when he’s using Nemesis form. Nemesis form is an excellent way to make space, but it also makes Ramattra a massive target. A well-aimed grenade will keep him going for longer, and a Nano Boost on a well-positioned Ramattra spells devastation for the enemy team when he’s in this form. Her Sleep Dart has the potential to peel an enemy off Ramattra, but her high potential is what makes her so necessary in the disengagement.


Unsurprisingly, Zenyatta and Ramattra have great synergy. They’re both capable of sniping enemies from a long distance and, if you’re coordinated, a Discord Orb plus Ramattra’s wizard staff bullets is a guaranteed death sentence for your opponent, assuming you hit your shots. This poke damage, in conjunction with DPS, should be sufficient to keep enemies at bay. Zenyatta’s healing potential is low but works decently well in a poke comp as well. And if Ramattra needs to push forward or use Nemesis to prevent an enemy breakthrough, Zenyatta’s transcendence can extend the damage Ramattra can do, or help him disengage. Similarly, Ramattra has enough abilities to help the extremely, painfully slow Zenyatta retreat to a safe distance.

Ramattra has been released fairly recently, and it’s likely we’ll see new combinations develop over the season, especially since heroes have seen adjustments in the latest season patch. But is Ramattra strong enough to break through into S-Tier rankings? Time will tell.

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