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How to Dodge in The Callisto Protocol for Xbox

It feels a little cheesy, but whatever keeps my head in one piece

by Daphne Fama

There are few things that fans can all agree on. First, the Callisto Protocol is a gory smoke show, with viscera so highly rendered you can practically taste the blood and pus. Second, the combat system can feel a little clunky until you get the hang of things.

One thing that many seem to struggle with is how to dodge. Dodging is an essential part of The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay, as the biophages that have made their home in Black Iron Prison enjoy nothing more than violating Jacob Lee’s space. Failing to dodge their attacks in the second chapter, or more specifically, as the enemies grow progressively stronger, is harshly punished.

For Jacob Lee’s sake (and for the sake of saving yourself time), the faster you master dodge, the better.

How to Dodge in The Callisto Protocol for Xbox

There’s a way to ensure a more consistent dodge – so consistent, you might even get the coveted Float Like A Butterfly achievement, which requires you to perfect dodge 5 times.

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The way to consistently dodge your enemies is the same way you avoid acid spit. Just hold backwards on your left stick. No need to tilt it left or right. It seems that the Xbox controller will read this motion as being either left or right, meaning that the dodge won’t fail, and you won’t need to maintain a certain sequence to keep dodging. Holding the left stick back prematurely also works. Doing this will ensure that Jacob will dodge whatever move comes at him.

The dodging tutorial for The Callisto Protocol will prompt you to move your left stick either left or right, depending on the direction your enemy is swinging. If you’ve followed this tutorial, you likely feel that dodging feels “finicky”, which is the kindest term possible we could use.

Good luck in those fights.

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