5 Letter Words Starting With HU

Assistance for today's word - August 13 2022 Wordle, puzzle #420

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If you need a helping hand for Wordle on this fine Saturday, you have come to the right place. Prima Games has you covered on a daily basis for your Wordle needs. Today is Puzzle #420 and we have compiled a list of interesting words that begin with “HU”. There are not that many of them, however. Which is good! Since you will be able to guess the word more quickly and resume your Wordle streak. Check out our suggestions below.

Words With Five Letters That Begin With HU

Without further ado, we present you our list of five-letter words that begin with “HU”:


This is the list of our 5-letter words that begin with “HU” and we hope that you will guess Wordle’s word for August 13, 2022 with our aid. Be careful, you have got only six attempts, so watch the gray, yellow, and green colors around the letters that you input. We wish you good luck and a lovely Saturday!

What is Wordle, Anyway?

Wordle was made by Josh Wardle (pun intended, he really did name it after himself) who is a software engineer. You might also know him as the creator of /r/place which was extremely viral recently and had people from all over the world put up amazing art, pixel by pixel.

Wordle was launched by The New York Times and it became an instant hit. It does not take much time from your day and easily goes into your routine.

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