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5 Letter Words Ending With LY

Help for today's word - August 8 2023 Wordle, puzzle #780

Good morning, everyone! I hope you’re in the groove for some puzzle-solving this Tuesday morning. If you are trying to chase down the Wordle word for today, you are definitely in the right place. Below, we have prepared a lot of hints for 5-letter words that are ending with LY, and you will probably be amazed at how many we have found for you today. There are so many to choose from!

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5 Letter Words That End With LY for August 8, 2023

Check out the below list that contains all conceivable five-letter words that end with LY that could help you in unraveling today’s Wordle problem (August 8 Wordle, puzzle #780).

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  • amply
  • apply
  • aptly
  • badly
  • belly
  • billy
  • bully
  • burly
  • coyly
  • curly
  • daily
  • dally
  • dilly
  • dimly
  • dolly
  • dryly
  • dully
  • early
  • filly
  • folly
  • fully
  • gaily
  • gayly
  • girly
  • godly
  • golly
  • gully
  • hilly
  • holly
  • hotly
  • icily
  • imply
  • jelly
  • jolly
  • lowly
  • madly
  • manly
  • mealy
  • newly
  • nobly
  • oddly
  • rally
  • reply
  • sadly
  • sally
  • scaly
  • shyly
  • silly
  • slyly
  • sully
  • surly
  • tally
  • truly
  • willy
  • wooly
  • wryly

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That completes our list of 5-letter words with LY as the last two letters, which should help you to figure out today’s (August 8) word for Wordle #780. Remember, select your words wisely based on the yellow, green, and gray colors that appear when inputting a letter. Choose carefully and good luck!

What is Wordle and Who Made it?

Wordle is a word puzzle that everyone can play for free online on the website of the New York Times. You can (optionally) register a free account to track your progress over the course of time, including the thing a lot of people brag about – their winning streak.

Within six attempts, you must guess the word of the day. Once you input a word, the system will mark the letters in it with appropriate colors, based on how good your guess is:

  • Gray – The letter does not exist in the word
  • Yellow / Mustard – The letter exists in the word, but in another position
  • Green – The letter exists in the word, and you’ve guessed the correct position

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Wordle’s history began in 2022. Josh Wardle, a software engineer, created it out of sheer boredom since his partner loves word puzzles. Originally the game was meant for just the two of them, and when it went public, it also went viral. The name is very similar to Josh’s last name and you could say it’s a play on words. Josh Wardle is also the creator of r/place on Reddit which happens from time to time, where people draw stuff together (or against each other) pixel by pixel.

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