5 Best Heavy Armor Sets in Skyrim, Ranked

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Skyrim Heavy Armors
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Any true warriors in Skyrim will need a good set of heavy armor to easily absorb endless barrages of arrows and sword swings. This guide will cover the five best sets in the game that you can work toward for your Dragonborn hero.

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Top 5 Heavy Armor Sets in Skyrim Ranked

Some of the best sets in the list are iconic unlocks such as the Daedric armor, while others are part of the Dragonborn DLC that came out after launch. Keep in mind that each one of them will take a long time to earn if you start a character from scratch and stay away from mods. But once you earn them, any content in the game can be conquered.

5) Nordic Carved Armor

Other armor sets could arguably take the fifth spot on this list over the Nordic Carved Armor. However, it has a base armor rating of 93, and compared to the other options in fifth place, it looks much better. In a game like Skyrim where there is no way to change the style of your worn armor, fashion can take priority.

Even with the fashion aspect removed, though, it’s still a great armor set to use. Early into the Dragonborn DLC, Nordic Carved Armor is one of the first new items you can create to even the odds with new enemies.

4) Ebony Armor

This is the set that most heavy armor players will use before reaching the top-tier options. Ebony Amor is a base game option that even has a better armor rating than Nordic Carved Armor at 96 overall. If you already made it far enough into a playthrough to earn Ebony, then you can easily jump into most of the content in the game.

Most enemies in Skyrim will scale to your level, but it still helps to have the best armor rating possible when you enter the Dragonborn DLC. Especially once you get past the level 50 mark. At the very least, Ebony will absorb most hits.

3) Dragonplate Armor

Any time I reached the higher levels in Skyrim, I had a tough time choosing between Dragonplate and Daedric. But at the end of the day, the Dragonplate is slightly less effective with a 102 armor rating. You just need Dragon Bones to craft the set, and by the time you can even get the ability to make it, you should have more than enough materials.

Even if you can’t craft the Dragonplate, it can rarely appear as loot. Because of how scaling works in Skyrim, the odds of this armor dropping at higher levels go up. Even if you find some though, there are two better options.

2) Stalhrim Armor

Another armor from the Dragonborn DLC, this set is crafted with the Stalhrim material that is tough to collect. As you play through the Dragonborn DLC, this is a new version of Dragonplate that you can pursue, and it arguably looks more unique. However, they have the same armor rating of 102, so the choice is all about fashion.

If you choose to take on the Dragonborn DLC earlier than expected, then Stalhrim is a better option when compared to Dragonplate, and it can even be purchased on the island.

1) Daedric Armor

The Daedric Armor set has always been the best heavy armor set in Skyrim. It has the highest base armor rating at 108 and it also looks the best. You really can’t beat the dark obsidian color with Daedric blood coursing throughout.

Once you have this set, you can consider your warrior in the end game of Skyrim. No dragon or cultist will be able to stop you as you conquer the remaining questlines in your playthrough.

If you’re unsure of when the end game starts, make sure you have an idea of what the maximum level is in Skyrim.

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