There’s more to The Wonderful 101 than just beating the heck out of the GEATHJERK Federation’s finest. There are achievements to earn, extra heroes to unlock that can’t be found in any one of the Operations, and even some extra Custom Blocks for people who are thorough when beating the game! We’re warning you now: Turn back from this page if you want to avoid spoiling yourself on some ridiculously awesome unlocks.

There is a special achievement and unlocks system called the Bottlecap Collection. One hundred and one different challenges make up the Bottlecap Collection, ranging from simply clearing an Operation to performing specific tasks during combat or exploration. Each of these achievements is tied to unlocking 1 of 15 hidden heroes. Some of these heroes you temporarily receive at set points in the story, but you can unlock them permanently by earning the achievements associated with them!


No. Achievement Name Description Unlocks
No. 1 Meet the Wonderful 100! Complete the Prologue. Goggles
No. 2 The Vile and Vicious Sixth Defeat Laambo. Captain
No. 3 You Sunk My Giant! Defeat the Gah-Goojin. Scarf
No. 4 The Insidious, Immoral Fifth Defeat Wanna. Gramps
No. 5 Undersea Assassin Defeat the Ohdarko. Poseman
No. 6 The Spiteful, Savage Third Defeat Walltha. Emeritus
No. 7 The Evil, Eldritch Fourth Defeat Vijounne. Immorta
No. 8 The Little Prince Defeat Vorkken. Vorkken
No. 9 Itty-Bitty Invader Defeat the Vaaiki. Chewgi
No. 10 The Cold and Callous Commander Defeat Gimme. Daddy
No. 11 The Brains of the Abominable Bunch Defeat Jergingha. Future
No. 12 They Are...The Wonderful 101! Complete all stages. Rodin
No. 13 Operations 001–003 (Normal) Complete Operations 001–003 on Normal. Scarf
No. 14 Operations 004–006 (Normal) Complete Operations 004–006 on Normal. Gramps
No. 15 Operations 007–009 (Normal) Complete Operations 007–009 on Normal. Daddy
No. 16 Hero in Training Complete all stages on Normal difficulty. Future
No. 17 Operations 001–003 (Hard) Complete Operations 001–003 on Hard. Poseman
No. 18 Operations 004–006 (Hard) Complete Operations 004–006 on Hard. Director
No. 19 Operations 007–009 (Hard) Complete Operations 007–009 on Hard. Rodin
No. 20 Wonderful Hero Complete all stages on Hard difficulty. Jeanne
No. 21 101% Wonderful Hero Complete all stages on 101% Hard difficulty. Bayonetta
No. 22 A Hundred Eyes See All Get 50 members on the team. Captain
No. 23 The Fury of 200 Fists Get 100 members on the team. Chewgi
No. 24 The Whole Wonderful 100 Rally together 100 standing members. Daddy
No. 25 There's a Little Justice in All of Us Rescue 1,000 civilians. Captain
No. 26 Likeable Hero Raise the level of a member to MAX. Director
No. 27 A Slot to Be Proud Of Unlock a Custom Block slot. Poseman
No. 28 Eat Your Heart Out! Obtain all the Hero Heart pieces. Chewgi
No. 29 En-gauged! Increase your Vital Gauge to the max. Captain
No. 30 Fully Charged! Increase your Unite Gauge to the max. Vorkken
No. 31 Turn That Evil Frown Upside Down Recruit an enemy. Poseman
No. 32 Foe Today, Friend Tomorrow Recruit 500 enemies onto your team. Scarf
No. 33 A Fistful of Justice Gain enough allies to obtain the Justice Missile. Captain
No. 34 Battle-Hardened Band of Heroes Obtain the Unite Big ability. Future
No. 35 Super Unite Morph! Activate the Super Unite Morph. Poseman
No. 36 Platinum! "Earn 10 Platinums on the Mission Result screen. (Must be earned in unique battles.) Immorta
No. 37 Silver Savior "Earn an average of at least Silver across all Operation Results screens.” Future
No. 38 Platinum Paragon Earn a Platinum or higher in all Operation Results screens. Bayonetta
No. 39 Ka-boing! Repel 10 attacks using Unite Guts. Goggles
No. 40 The Harder They Fall! Defeat the Vaaiki without ever letting it get big. Rodin
No. 41 Return to Sender Deflect 10 beams using the Unite Sword. Jeanne
No. 42 Explorers Rescue all the captive citizens in Operation 005. Emeritus
No. 43 Heave Ho! Execute at least 50 throws. Daddy
No. 44 Ah, Now That's Better Cut down all the weeds growing in Operation 005. Jeanne
No. 45 Mind if I Borrow That? Obtain every type of weapon dropped by an enemy. Daddy
No. 46 We Come in Peace Ride on 5 UFOs. Daddy
No. 47 Mixing Apprentice Mix 30 times. Gramps
No. 48 Mix Master Mix 100 times. Gramps
No. 49 Rogue Hero Wreck 3,000 things. Emeritus
No. 50 Impregnable Repel 100 Drill Cells with the Unify Naginata. Chewgi
No. 51 Batting a Thousand! Use your bat to hit away all of the molecular disintegrator shots fired by Die-Tiekuu without missing once. Jeanne
No. 52 Battery Binge! Collect 1,000 Wonderful Batteries. Immorta
No. 53 O-Parts Passion! Collect 10,000,000 P in O-Parts. Future
No. 54 Wonder-Jiujitsu Successfully execute Ukemi 100 times. Director
No. 55 What a Haul! Catch 10 fish. Immorta
No. 56 Transcendent Teamwork Use the Wonder-Liner to activate Unite Morph 100 times. Goggles
No. 57 Around the World Extend the Liner a total of at least 100 kilometers. Vorkken
No. 58 Mystic Wonderful Power Regenerate 20 flower beds. Emeritus
No. 59 Uniting Black Belt Land three types of Unite Morph attacks in a single combo. Jeanne
No. 60 Uniting Guru Land 10 types of Unite Morph attacks in a single combo. Scarf
No. 61 Counter Master Counter 30 enemy attacks. Future
No. 62 Nice Try! Earn an evade bonus at least 10 times. Bayonetta
No. 63 Perfect Driver Complete the Maglev stage without taking damage. Chewgi
No. 64 Skyrocket! Use Unite Ball to skyrocket into the air. Poseman
No. 65 Aspiring Technician Obtain three skills. Scarf
No. 66 Master Technician Obtain all skills. Scarf
No. 67 Aspiring Morpher Obtain three special Unite Morphs. Goggles
No. 68 Morphing Maniac Obtain all special Unite Morphs. Poseman
No. 69 Custom Blocker Obtain all the Custom Blocks. Bayonetta
No. 70 Operation Annihilation Complete all the secret missions. Vorkken
No. 71 You Can Hole Up, but You Can't Hide Find all the Kahkoo-regah. Immorta
No. 72 GEATH May Cry Complete half the Kahkoo-regah. Jeanne
No. 73 GEATHJERK Slayer Complete all the Kahkoo-regah. Jeanne
No. 74 Treasure Hunter Plunder half of the toilet treasures. Gramps
No. 75 Treasure Maniac Plunder all of the toilet treasures. Gramps
No. 76 Figure Hunter Obtain half of the total Wonderful Figures. Director
No. 77 Hero Collection Obtain all of the Wonderful Figures. Director
No. 78 Junior Stomper Obtain a hidden underground item. Rodin
No. 79 Full-Fledged Stomper Obtain half of the hidden underground items. Rodin
No. 80 Master Stomper Obtain all the hidden underground items. Rodin
No. 81 Database Ace Obtain all the Wonderful Files and GEATHJERK Files. Director
No. 82 Good in Tight Spaces Use all the pipes in Operation 001-A. Captain
No. 83 Take It Out on the Other Guys! Recruit a quarreling couple. Director
No. 84 Can We Take a Day Off? Enjoy all the rides in Operation 002-B as a team. Rodin
No. 85 I'm Not Lucky, I'm Special Win the roulette in Operation 003-A three times. Gramps
No. 86 Lord of Tight Spaces Reach all the hidden areas in Operation 004. Bayonetta
No. 87 Finders Keepers (Prologue) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in the Prologue. Vorkken
No. 88 Finders Keepers (Operation 001) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 001. Captain
No. 89 Finders Keepers (Operation 002) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 002. Scarf
No. 90 Finders Keepers (Operation 003) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 003. Gramps
No. 91 Finders Keepers (Operation 004) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 004. Bayonetta
No. 92 Finders Keepers (Operation 005) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 005. Emeritus
No. 93 Finders Keepers (Operation 006) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 006. Vorkken
No. 94 Finders Keepers (Operation 007) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 007. Chewgi
No. 95 Finders Keepers (Operation 008) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 008. Daddy
No. 96 Finders Keepers (Operation 009) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 009. Future
No. 97 Finders Keepers (Epilogue) Find all the Kahkoo-regah in the Epilogue. Goggles
No. 98 Shmup to No Good Complete Operation 006 by piloting the Virgin Victory while destroying 170 enemies. Immorta
No. 99 Drill of Iron Complete the Dakkar stage while defeating at least 50 enemies. Emeritus
No. 100 Punch-Out! Complete a giant-robot boxing match without taking damage. Goggles
No. 101 Wonderfully Wonderful Player Unlock all 100 achievements. Bayonetta


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