Prologue Collectibles Checklist


This chart acts as a collectibles checklist for the collectibles in the Prologue. The following collectibles are tracked by this section: Wonderful Files, GEATHJERK Files, Hero Heart Fragments, Wonderful Figures, and recruitable Wonderful Ones. These items are listed in the order you encounter them:

Collectible Description
1. Member No. 26: Wonder-Professor 1. On the roof of Car 4.
2. Wonderful File No. 2: P-Star 2. Hammer on roof hatch of Car 3.
3. Figure No. 26: Wonder-Professor 3. Kahkoo-regah on Normal.
4. Figure No. 51: Wonder-Rabbit 4. Kahkoo-regah on Hard.
5. Figure No. 1: Wonder-Red 5. Kahkoo-regah on 101% Hard.


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