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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Plot Summary

by Prima Games Staff


Samuel Fisher, aka“Sam”

Sam is veteran Black Ops & over Ops, ex Navy Seal who is an expert in urban warfare, espionage, infiltration, weaponry, and master in stealth tactics. Because of his skill set and was the first Recruit for NSA, Third Echelon, AKA: “Splinter Cell”.

Suhadi Sadono

He was the leader of the of Darah Dan Doa, a radical Indonesian militant group. He felt betrayed when America supported East Timor and tried to seek revenge but was captured by Fisher.

Douglas Shetland

He is an old friend of Sam’s, he was the commanding office of Sam’s SEAL team, and now the CEO of a private military company called Displace International.


Sam has to travel all across Indonesia, East Timor and Los Angeles in order to complete his mission.


When the American Embassy in East Timor is attacked and the people are held hostage by the Darah Dan Doa, Sam Fisher is sent in to infiltrate and gather intel. The Darah Dan Doa are a anti-separatist militant group that are led by Suhadi Sadono, a man bent on revenge against the U.S for a supposed betrayal.  After relaying the intel he gathered, control of the Embassy is restored but Sadono escapes back into Indonesia. America begins a manhunt into Indonesia but when Fisher learns that Sadono has planted bombs containing small pox and makes daily calls to keep them from detonating they are forced to withdraw. With the help of his old friend Shetland, who was held hostage in the Embassy, and Shetland’s company they infiltrate Darah Dan Doa camps and learn the locations of the bombs throughout the U.S. After the bombs are secured Fisher captures Sadono but then learns that a rouge CIA agent took the last bomb to Los Angeles International Airport and plans to detonate it. Sam is sent to Los Angeles and eliminates the rouge agent before he can detonate it, saving millions of lives in the process.

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