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Tearaway Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

If you haven’t played Tearaway, you’re missing out on one of the most fantastic experiences for PS Vita. Made by the team at Media Molecule – the folks responsible for the LittleBigPlanet series – Tearaway focuses on a magical paper world, as you play as a messenger attempting a delivery to the player. Yep, you play as someone trying to bring a message to you. The journey that awaits is filled with unique moments, as well as gameplay that utilizes the PS Vita’s capabilities.

On that note, here are some beginner’s tips to get you started.

How do I use the Rear Touch Pad in Tearaway?

Tearaway is one of a few PS Vita games that make quality use of the rear touchpad. You’ll use it for several occasions, but one in particular will come in handy – battling enemies.

On occasion, you’ll run into scraps, rogue paper-like enemies the messenger cannot defeat on his own. Don’t worry, though, because he has the power of your fingers. 

When a group of scraps appear on the screen, simply hold your finger on the rear touch pad. It’ll eventually break out of the paper-like surrounding on the stage, and you can use it to run roughshod over enemies. Make sure you clear them all before you move the messenger onto it, though. It’s easy enough. Just keep moving until they’re all gone. 

On some occasions, you’ll also have a side objective, such as rescuing a fellow paper native in distress. Simply roll over the object he’s hanging onto and he’ll land on his feet with no problem. It helps to get rid of the rogue scraps first, just to make sure you won’t have to deal with them later.

Successfully defeating scraps allows you to move forward in the level, and on some occasions, collect confetti, which acts as the in-game currency.

In addition to enemies, you can also help the messenger cross over areas by moving a bridge into place. Rolling your finger along the platform allows it to move over to where it needs to be. In some instances, you can also tap on the rear of the touchscreen to activate bounce pads, which jettison the messenger high in the air to the next platform. Just make sure there aren’t any leaves that get in the way. Otherwise, your trip will be over real quick.

How do I Solve Puzzles in Tearaway?

Remember those art classes when you were a kid, when you used multi-colored sheets of paper and tools like a pencil and scissors to make objects out of your wildest imagination? That returns to an extent in Tearaway, as you’ll often be called upon to create items in the environment, such as a crown for a squirrel king. 

It’s simple. You can drag over a piece of paper from an array of available sheets at the top of the page. From there, use a pencil and scissors to create and cut out whatever you’re drawing, whether it’s a crown, jewels or an additional decoration for your messenger. Once you’re done cutting it out, you can move aside the scrap of paper and focus more on that object, changing its size or adding extra details with other pieces of paper. 

If you mess up, you can use an eraser to clean off any markings, or just start with another fresh piece of paper. You won’t have to worry about recycling since it’s digital.

Your finger will act as the drawing pencil, while cutting is handled automatically by the game. Don’t worry about leaving any ragged edges – you aren’t being graded for this art class.

How do I Throw Objects in Tearaway?

While the messenger doesn’t have any offensive attacks, he can throw items in the environment, such as little gophers and magical spheres. Doing this allows him to unlock goodies in Tearaway, including extra confetti and other gifts you can customize him with.

For instance, in the opening level, you’re asked to throw gophers through three individual hoops in the stage. Relax, it’s not animal cruelty. They actually like it.

Pick up a gopher and you’ll notice a faint white reticule. This shows where your item will go when to throw it. The hoops are rather high, so you’ll need to use bounce pads to either throw the items into the hoops (once highlighted), or bounce it off into the basket. It takes a slight bit of practice, but soon you’ll dunk like Michael Jordan.

Another instance will have you placing jewels into a nearby art piece. There are two that go into each one, and completing them will light them up and reward you with additional confetti. These are a little easier – just find the orbs scattered on the stage, highlight the spaces you want to throw them in and hit the square button. Those rewards are as good as yours.

How do I use the Camera in Tearaway?

Finally, there’s the camera. You’ll receive this after helping the squirrel king reclaim his crown, as a token of his appreciation.

The camera is very easy to use, as you’ll be able to utilize the PS Vita’s gyroscopic features to capture the right angle, then fine-tune your shot using the analog sticks. If you wish to be artful about it, you can also use filters or even take a selfie if you want to catch the messenger in action. It’s best recommended to do this away from dangerous areas, but an ideal way to express yourself and show others as you’re playing the game.

This Adventure isn’t Paper Thin

Tearaway is a unique game experience, one that’s easy to learn and a delight to play for hours on end. With these tips, you’ll have no problem getting into its majestic world. After all, what other game features you as the sun? You can thank the PS Vita camera for that. Now smile!

Tearaway is available now, both as a retail release and PlayStation Network digital download.