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Tales of Xillia – Rowen

by Prima Games Staff

The butler and steward to Sharilton’s ruling family, Rowen is a loyal and dedicated servant. His calm demeanor and speed belies a sharp tactical mind and combat prowess. Even in the roughest of situations Rowen is able to keep his cool, calming everyone around him.
With his years of experience Rowen has mastered the art of fighting with a sword and spirit artes, much like Milla. In his later years he has lost some of the resilience of youth and can’t take as many hits but he can dish out damage just as well as the younger party members.

Beginning Artes

Rowen uses many of the same spirit artes as Milla but has a unique twist on them. His years of casting these artes has given him the ability to tune them after casting, allowing you to input followup commands to increase their effectiveness. Using the tuning ability does cost extra TP but by picking up the right skills on Rowen’s Lillium Orb you can negate much of the extra cost.

Rock Trine – Like Milla’s, this summons spikes of stone from the ground to damage foes. Tuning the arte adds an additional hit

Splash – Rowen summons a spray of water from above to pulverize enemies. Tuning the arte allows you to direct the flow of the water.

Fireball – A straightforward blast of fire shot directly at the enemy. Tuning the arte will allow Rowen to launch a second fireball.

Severed Fate – The same skill Rowen uses just before joining the party, this arte uses knives to pin down and damage the enemy. Tuning the arte will cause the knives to drop immediately instead of having a delayed effect

Lillium Orb

While he may use a sword in combat, Rowen’s true strength lies in his spirit artes. Early on, look toward skills like Conductor which allows his arte tuning to cost no extra TP and Queued Spellcasting so that getting attacked while casting an arte doesn’t put you back at square one.

If you really want to lay on the hurt, tack on power skills like Overclocked, Mage Stun and Point Conversion to boost Rowen’s TP and turn his artes into terrifyingly devastating weapons of destruction across the battlefield. Just make sure not to focus so much on his amazing skills that you forget to learn the artes to use them with!

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