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Tales of Xillia – Jude Mathis

by Prima Games Staff

Jude Mathis is one of Tales of Xillia’s two main protagonists. He is a gifted medical student with a penchant for getting mixed up in other peoples’ misadventures. A chance encounter with a strange girl named Milla and her four mysterious companions sets in motion an epic journey across the world of Reize Maxia.

Jude Mathis

Jude tends to be quiet and a bit unsure of himself at times but possesses a strong desire to do well and succeed at what he does. He is a very competent melee fighter and uses his hands and feet to quickly pummel his foes.

Starting Artes

Healer – This Arte focuses Jude’s Mana Lobe to create a small area healing effect for him and any nearby allies. The closer they are to Jude, the more health is restored.

Demon Fist – Jude creates a wave of force with a powerful uppercut that knocks enemies back a short distance and gives him time to prepare a followup attack. It also makes a god finisher for early combos.

Lilium Orb

In case it’s not obvious from the fact that he fights with his fists, Jude is a solid physical fighter with a little side utility. His good Strength and excellent Agility let him move in quickly and unleash a world of hurt with his multi-hit basic attacks and Artes. Work toward the TP Combo Support skill early on to reduce your TP costs and keep Jude’s combos going even longer.

If you want to focus more on defense and make Jude better at healing (he is a doctor after all), spread your GP more toward Dexterity, Agility and Vitality to allow Jude the ability to move around the battlefield quickly and safely while learning skills like HP Gain and TP Gain to keep him topped off.