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Tales of Xillia – Elize Lutus

by Prima Games Staff

Elize Lutus is a young, shy girl that the party meets briefly the first time they travel through Hamil. After performing Milla’s ritual in Nia Khera they meet again and Eliza tags along for safety with her companion, Teepo.

Elize Lutus

While Elize doesn’t say much, she also doesn’t need to. Teepo seems to know exactly how she is feeling and doesn’t hesitate to point things out to the rest of the group. Fortunately the pair have strong innate magical abilities and before long they start pulling their fair share of the load in battle.

Beginning Artes

Elize and Teepo have a unique relationship and it shows through their Artes. By default, Teepo stays near Elize like a protector but by taunting, Elize can send Teepo out a short distance to change things up. While Teepo is nearby, he is considered ON and Elize’s spirit artes grow stronger and while away from Elize after taunting, he is considered to be OFF, increasing her physical abilities and artes. Many of Elize’s Artes are affected by Teepo’s position.

Pixie Circle – Elize creates a circular rune on the ground that heals any allies inside it for 10% of their HP. While Teepo is ON, it heals for more and has a larger range. By moving the left analog stick while Elize is casting Pixie Circle you can position where the rune will be placed, allowing you to heal your melee fighters while staying safe from stronger enemies and bosses.

Recover – A simple healing arte that cures your allies of negative status effects.

Pow Hammer – Elize throws a small toy hammer at the enemy, dealing a small amount of damage and stunning them for a few moments.

Lillium Orb

When she joins, most of Elize’s GP will be unspent, giving you plenty of choice as to how to develop her. Elize by default is a caster and supporting this role by spending your GP on Psy and Intelligence is a good option. Work towards skills like Wizard and Morale Support to keep Teepo ON and give Elize a huge boost in her magical abilities.

You can also opt to swing Elize more toward damage than support and healing. Skills like Warrior will give Elize a boost to attack with her artes while Teepo is OFF and is located near Vitality and Agility boosting nodes that will allow her to stay safe while in the thick of battle.

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