The Wilkerson family farm is located just south of the Church of the Ascension. It’s hard to find a reason to want to help the Wilkersons out once you get to know them, but the missions do give you another perspective of the story, so they’re worth checking out.


Keep in mind that some of these missions will NOT show up as soon as a previous one is completed. If they don’t show up, spend time collecting resources, clearing out the town of infestations, and helping survivors. If there are too many infestations and survivors in need of help, it will slow down new mission occurrences.

Mission: The Old Farmhouse

Head to the farmhouse to try and get Doc Hansen to come to your home. After all, you could use a good doctor for your enclave. When you arrive, you find that Eli, Jacob’s friend, is one of the Wilkerson boys and is not doing so well. Doc Hansen is still working on him, and the other Wilkersons, Job and Mickey, won’t allow Doc to leave until Eli is tended to.

That’s where you come in; it’s just your luck that a huge horde of zeds are heading over for dinner and that just won’t do. Thankfully, Job and Mickey will help deal with the uninvited guests. A really useful strategy for this mission is as follows:

With the Wilkersons’ help, board up all the window openings. The icons on the screen will flash, indicating which barricades are under attack. Constantly focus on repairing all but one of the damaged barricades in order to control the zeds’ point of entry. When they break through it and shamble inside, eliminate them. Then, re-board this opening and repair all the damaged ones. Repeat this process until...

Eventually, a very large zed, a Juggernaut, will make his way to the house. Whenever the Juggernaut attacks the house, every single barricade will be damaged. Try to maintain some sort of barricade at each window to limit the number of zeds for as long as possible. Ignore the Juggernaut and focus on the minor zeds. Doing so will allow you to focus on the Juggernaut without being attacked from behind.

Once all the regular zeds are dealt with, allow the Juggernaut to now enter the house. This guy is no pushover and can deal a ton of damage so be careful and keep your distance. When he charges at you, move out of the way and sidestep behind it. Go on the offensive until it recovers. Repeat this process until he is down, then go back to defending the house just like before.

Once all the zeds are gone, Doc will inform you that Eli is no longer with us and the Black Fever has claimed yet another victim. When they leave it up to you to prevent Eli from becoming a zed, you can either shoot in the head or attack him with the Y button to end the mission. (I prefer using the Y button so I can save my ammo.)

Mission: Accusations

Someone appears to be taking advantage of the chaos this zombie outbreak is causing and is robbing other survivors. Lily believes the Wilkersons are responsible and sends you to their farm to investigate. When you get there, simply head over to the brothers and talk with them. They claim that they aren’t to blame, but something doesn’t seem quite right and they appear to be hiding something.

Mission: A Helping Hand

It appears that the Wilkersons are not the forgiving type and have roughed up someone who owes them a debt. Return the banged up survivor to their place of residence to receive their thanks. It appears that Lily is not very fond of you associating with the Wilkersons....

Mission: Nervous Survivor

Before starting this mission, make sure you have at least five crates of ammunition in your stockpile. When you arrive at the mission marker, you are given a choice of paying off the debt this survivor owes the Wilkersons, refusing to pay the debt, or postponing the mission until you have the ammunition needed. You’re not the type of person to turn your back, so help this fellow out.

Agree to pay off the debt, and head to the Wilkersons’ farm and deliver the goods. The Wilkersons are kind enough to offer you a new radio ability, which allows you to call in sharpshooters. Be aware: the game does not indicate that you have received this ability. Doing this mission should increase the trust the Wilkersons have for you, that is, unless other events have caused their trust to waiver. If their trust is high enough, you’ll get the ability to buy some powerful firearms from them: TMP9, MK.15, and 416 CQB.

Mission: Unwelcome Guest

It appears the Wilkersons need a favor from you and have sent someone to come all the way to your home to ask it. You can choose to accept or reject this request, but let’s see where this is going. They need your help to ensure a deal goes through smoothly. Head to the mission marker located to the east to proceed with the mission.

When you arrive, you have a chance to dissuade the enclave members from concluding this deal, if you do the mission simply ends.

If you choose to remain quiet and let the deal play out, you are eventually told to leave the area. Once you do so, you get a call that the enclave members have been eaten by zeds, but we know that’s not true. If you want, head back to the meeting place, where you’ll find three rucksacks of supplies. However, once you arrive, there are no bodies or Wilkersons to be seen. It seems the Wilkersons had a different plan for this deal all along.

Sadly, the Wilkersons’ missions end here, so we have no way of knowing what really happened.

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