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State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Guide

by Prima Games Staff

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is not the State of Decay you remember. The version that released on the Xbox One also comes with the Breakdown and Lifeline DLC, as well as the Prepper’s Pack. The additions not only change the way the game plays, but also adds additional features you may not remember from the original State of Decay a few years ago. Our guide will help you master the game, regardless of what version you currently own.

To begin, here are a few basic tips to get started. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so make sure to continue reading and visiting the in-depth content we have for almost every major game concept.

  • Zombies are dumb and typically won’t see you in their peripheral vision if you’re crouched and moving slowly. Try to avoid them if at all possible.
  • Setting up an Outpost will give you access to your Supply Locker at that location. This can greatly reduce your travel time and exposure to danger.
  • Gunshots make noise, and noise attracts more zombies. If you don’t have to use your gun, don’t. If you must use it, at least try and equip a suppressor.
  • Each survivor has four basic skills they can level up to increase their ability to survive the zombie apocalypse. You’ll want to study up on those.
  • Vehicles take damage from hitting zombies (or any other object). It’s a good way to take them out, but it’s not the answer to all of your problems.
  • Choosing your Home Site and upgrading your Facilities is essential to the health of your group. Know what you’re getting into it before making a decision.

State of Decay Helicopter Landing

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Guide and Tips

Transfer Your State of Decay Xbox 360 Data to Your Xbox One

If you played the original State of Decay on the Xbox 360 and decided to buy the game for the Xbox One, you can transfer your data and pick up where you left off.

State of Decay Tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

This collection of tips will help you get through the first few hours of State of Decay, outlining some of the basic game concepts everyone needs to know.

State of Decay Combat Techniques for Surviving Zombie Hordes

Learn the ins and outs of combat in State of Decay, including melee techniques and how to best use the other survivors in your group. Oh, and don’t forget to close the front door.

How to Choose the Best Home Site for Your Group in State of Decay

One of the biggest keys to survival in State of Decay involves finding the best place to lay your head at night. We can help you choose the best base to defend against zombies.

The Five Essential Resources Found in State of Decay

You’ll spend a great deal of your time scavenging for supplies to bring back to your Home Site, and it’s important to know what resources you should pick up along the way.

Get to Know the Zombies in State of Decay, Plus Kill Them

You’ll encounter different types of undead scum in State of Decay, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Know the enemy.

State of Decay Melee and Firearm Weapon Types

Whether you choose to hit them with objects or put bullets in their heads, the weapons you choose to kill zombies with in State of Decay matter. Choose the right one.

Adding and Upgrading Home Site Facilities in State of Decay

Each Home Site in State of Decay comes with some possible expansion and upgrade options. We break down the different Facilities and what they add to your Home Site.

How to Level Up Your Basic Skills in State of Decay

Each character comes with four basic skills in State of Decay, and those can be leveled up to make life in the apocalypse easier. Find out what they are and how to improve them.

How to Use Your Special Techniques in State of Decay

Once you’ve leveled your four basic skills to their maximum, certain Special Techniques can be used in your fight against the undead. Here’s how to unlock and use them.

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