State of Decay 3 Announced for Xbox Games Showcase

State of Decay 3 is on the way.

During the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase, Xbox Game Studios and developer Undead Labs announced the third entry in the State of Decay series. This post-apocalyptic sequel didn’t come with a ton of new information, but it did come with a new reveal trailer. Check it out below:

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The biggest hint of what’s in store for State of Decay 3, as weird as it might sound, is the wildlife in the trailer. In the past, State of Decay has been all about the humanoid zombies, with different kinds of enemies but ultimately all human-based. In the State of Decay 3 reveal trailer, we get a look at the scariest-looking deer in video games history.

The trailer starts with a character camping out in the woods, when a wolf appears in the distance. The character scares the wolf away, only to come across it later out in the snow-covered woods. This time though the wolf is totally dead, and a very zombified deer is chowing down on its carcass.

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So an obvious early new twist in the State of Decay series is Resident Evil-style zombie animals. It’s possible non-zombie animals could also be a factor, especially if camping outdoors is also part of the game. In State of Decay 2, running a game was about setting up and maintaining a home base, and going out to areas like dilapidated suburbs to look for supplies.

The State of Decay series has always been a Microsoft-backed publishing effort, going back to the original game’s 2013 debut on the xbox 360. But following the release of State of Decay 2 (one of the first games to hit Xbox Game Pass), Microsoft officially acquired Undead Labs as part of the Xbox Game Studios umbrella. 

This is really all that can be said about State of Decay 3 at the moment. This title was announced with the brief teaser trailer, and wasn’t accompanied by specific platforms, a release date, or even a launch window. More details will surely come through in time, but considering the previous game’s 2018 release date it’s probably safe to assume State of Decay 3 is fairly early in development.

Do we have any State of Decay fans in the house? Are you excited to be terrorized by nightmarish zombie versions of wholesome woodland creatures? What changes or additions do you want to see announced over time? Tell us your thoughts on our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter!


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