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State of Decay Walkthrough – Courthouse Missions

by Prima Games Staff

While there are only two Courthouse missions, they really flesh out the story of the town itself. It gives you insight into how a small town would react when a biological outbreak occurs and the town is cut off from the outside world. What would you do if your town was under martial law? Would you rebel or would you fall in line because you believe your government knows best? I don’t know what I’d do, but let’s find out what some of the people of Trumbull Valley decide.


Keep in mind that some of these missions will NOT show up as soon as a previous one is completed. If they don’t show up, spend time collecting resources, clearing out the town of infestations, and helping survivors. If there are too many infestations and survivors in need of help, it will slow down new mission occurrences.

Mission: The Law

Lily hears a broadcast by Judge Lawton of the nearby town, Marshall, which is in the southern part of the map. She extends an invitation to the survivors to rendezvous at Marshall’s courthouse, so stock up on supplies and make your way over there. It seems the local government has cordoned off the local courthouse and turned it into their base of operations.

When you arrive, you’ll overhear a conversation between Judge Lawton and Marshall’s Sheriff Carl about the best way to handle the disaster at hand. Lawton is nice enough to give us a tour of their facilities and explains her plan. It seems the Judge has also appointed herself Mayor of this town and isn’t afraid to rule with an iron fist.

When the tour is over, Sheriff Carl will approach you with a request to locate and clear out some infestations in the local area. You can choose to turn him down, but why would you do that? These people need your help and you can tell they’re stretched thin.

Head to the nearby infestation and do what you do best – turn the zeds into mince-meat. Once you’re heading to the next infestation, a call comes in from some survivors in desperate need of help. What’s the point of killing all these zeds if there are no survivors to protect? A change of plans is in order. Head to the new target and take out the zeds there to ensure the safety of these survivors.

Mission: Trouble at the Courthouse

It seems as if the courthouse is now under siege by a large number of zeds and Steven Seagal is nowhere to be found. Get it….Under Siege…Seagal?

Head over to the courthouse and, as usual, take out all the zeds in the area. Sadly, it appears that both the Sheriff and the Judge didn’t make it…

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