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State of Decay Walkthrough – Army Missions

by Prima Games Staff

The army missions are the core of the storyline, and they eventually lead to the final mission and the end of the story. There are other side-plots and missions that I encourage you to explore, not only for achievements, but for added plot. Those missions are covered in my other walkthroughs but, for this section, I will be focusing on the army missions.


Keep in mind that some of these missions will NOT show up as soon as a previous one is completed. If they don’t show up, spend time collecting resources, clearing out the town of infestations, and helping survivors. If there are too many infestations and survivors in need of help, it will slow down new mission occurrences.  

Mission: Army Sighting

Time for the US Army to finally show up. We can rest easy now that the cavalry is here, right? Yeah, sure, who am I kidding; this won’t end well. If you choose to play this mission as Maya, the dialogue will be different, but it will not change the mission’s outcome.

When the dialogue is over, Erik Tan will instruct you to go home and stay indoors because they have the situation under control. This isn’t the case, as we already know. Soon, a new mission will open up for a different story path, but let’s focus on the core story for now, which is the army missions.

Mission: Army Activity

A strange call will come over the radio from a new survivor, Karen. As usual, Lily suggests that you check it out. Once you get there, you see a darker side to Erik Tan, one that certainly makes you question if you can actually trust these men in uniform. When Karen and the other survivor run off, go after them and search the buildings that the blue mission markers indicate. Eventually, you will find Karen and Brett. Hop in a car and bring ‘em back home to add them to your survivor roster.

Mission: Eyes In The Sky

A rather simple mission; simply climb up the indicated survey point, identify the two hordes, and watch the body parts fly.

Mission: Insubordination

You’ll overhear a conversation between Erik and his superior in which Erik requests evac for some survivors. Sounds like he had a change of heart recently; perhaps it was seeing all those people eating other people that did it?

Sadly, his superior denies the request, and that’s where you come in. Drive to the location near the middle of the map to meet up with Erik. Then, make your way to the nearby house and take out all the zeds located there. As thanks, you can now call in artillery strikes via your radio. Use them wisely because, while they do recharge, it takes a while.

Mission: Sgt. Erik Tan

When this mission becomes available, head over to the bridge located in the northeast, near the Church of the Ascension. When you arrive, Erik is trying to enter the army base located just past this gate. Problem is, no one is letting him in. Looks like he and his team are all alone and it’s time to work together if any of you stand a chance of making it out alive. Erik blows the gate, and you can now enter the final area of the game.

You also have an escort of three very useful army survivors to handle zeds. Make use of them by searching for materials and other items inside the structures in this part of the map. Also, head to the survey points to get a lay of the land: one is located near a downed helicopter and the other is at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

You can also make the fairgrounds in this area your home if you so choose. It is a little confusing getting in and out of it at first, but it beats running all the way back to your other home to drop off materials, use the Supply Locker, etc. So, it isn’t a bad idea to set up shop here.

Mission: Lone Soldier

When Erik contacts you, go and meet him at the designated location. There, you’ll meet a soldier who’s infected with Black Fever and dying. He’ll inform you that the army cleared out of this area in such a hurry, thus leaving Erik and all the survivors behind, because the water is tainted. Knowing that the water is undrinkable, it’s time to go investigate the water reservoir. When leaving the building, you hear a gunshot, indicating that the soldier is no longer suffering.

Once you and Erik’s squad arrive at the reservoir, you realize it’s a lost cause and must leave due to the water being unfit for drinking. Sadly, I don’t think water filtration systems are made with zombie outbreaks in mind, so it’s time to find a way out of this horrible place, for good.

Mission: Exit Strategy

The beginning of the end; it’s time to get out of here, and Erik has a plan that just might do it. Meet him at the designated location on the map. Unfortunately, a huge wall blocking your escape route. Lily suggests blowing it up, which is a fine idea, but where do we get enough explosives to do so? It’s a good thing the army evacuated in such a hurry and left a bunch of toys behind.

Mission: The Armory

The explosives we need are located in a warehouse near the Fairgrounds. Stock up on healing items and weapons because the battle ahead is the toughest one yet. There are a large number of zeds and special zeds swarming all over the warehouse and the surrounding area. Thankfully, Erik and his team will join you for this fight, thus making it easier. But, it most certainly is not easy! Slowly make your way to the warehouse. A useful strategy is to let some zeds come after you, then retreat so that the other zeds in the area are not attracted by the fighting. Once inside the warehouse, continue fighting the zeds as you head to the explosive that are in the back left corner. One mission left before we blow this taco stand…literally.

Mission: The Wall

It all ends here. This is your final mission in State of Decay. Once again, stock up on healing items and weapons for your final stand. Head to the location on the map and protect Erik from the incoming zeds, including special zeds. Once the explosions are set, it’s time to back away and wait for the boom….except, something is wrong, there’s no boom to be heard.

It appears the detonator is kaput and the C4 needs to be detonated manually. The question is, by whom? Eventually, Erik decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and the screen fades to black.

Congratulations! You have finished the core story of State of Decay. If you want, there is so much more to do: you can explore other aspects of the story or just have fun with all the game has to offer. Simply load your game and you will be at the point just before the start of the final mission, “The Wall.”

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