Note: This guide is for the first State of Decay. If you're looking for a base building guide for the sequel, then head over to our latest guides for All Home Base Locations in State of Decay 2 as well as How to Build a Home Base in State of Decay 2.

Take Your Pick

Every Home Base is different. Some grant extra storage, others come with kitchens, bedrooms, etc. There are two huge bases in State of Decay that let you party like it's 1999...or hold a lot of people, rather.

Some homes let you upgrade Medical Areas into Infirmaries and Medical Labs. Others are like your Grandma's house (you know, one-story) with basic facilities.

Bases 1
The choice is truly yours to make. Obviously, you'll want to move in larger bases if you desire to expand your population and test out every facility. Take note that some are out in the boonies – you'll literally need to travel great distance for missions and scavenging.

Additionally, just because you're far out doesn't mean you're safe! Zeds roam every inch of Trumbull.   

Home Base Locations

The list below references every Home Base in State of Decay. Check the world map below; the letters correspond to each base location!

Keep in mind every Home Base comes with a built-in Radio Room. The number of facility slots for each base description includes the communication room! Also, remember that built-in facilities cannot be replaced or deconstructed!

World Map

Base Map 

Map Key:

  • A: Ranger Station
  • B: Church of the Ascension
  • C: Kirkman Residence
  • D: McReady Farmhouse
  • E: The Alamo
  • F: Savini Residence
  • G: Snyder Trucking Warehouse
  • H: Trumbull County Fairgrounds

Base A – Ranger Station

Bases 2

The Ranger Station, for some strange reason, will be pointed out to you as a potential home site later in the game. Oddly enough, the bridge to the mountain forest will be out, making it an impossibility to drive out there (though you can get there by foot). Even when you attempt to make it a home, the game won't allow you to do so at this time. Why in the heck would you want to live out here, anyways?

Base B – Church of Ascension

Bases 3

  • Location: Your first default house after the tutorial; central part of Trumbull
  • Requires: 5 People and 20 Materials
  • Facility Spaces: 2
  • Parking Spaces: 1
  • # of Outposts: 4
  • Comes with: Watchtower, Church Kitchen and Medical Area

Description: Peace be with you. This base is somewhat away from town (in a small forest), making it difficult for the pesky Zeds to come knocking. It comes with a special kitchen to cheer up your team as well. Not bad for your first crib!

Cons: There's no reason to stay here once your community increases. While it has low space overall, Outposts can only be developed from the distance.

Base C – Kirkman Residence 

Bases 4

  • Location: A little south from Church of Ascension; central part of Trumbull
  • Requires: 8 People and 30 Materials
  • Facility Spaces: 7
  • Parking Spaces: 2
  • # of Outposts: 6
  • Comes with: Bedroom, Kitchen, and Workshop

Description: This is a tad better than the Church; most notably for its Workshop. Not a bad step-up to build outdoor facilities and another good base for Outposts. 

Cons: The house is a tad too crowded indoors, thanks to its kitchen and bedroom facilities. It's also distant from towns. 

Base D – McReady Farmhouse

Bases 5

  • Location: Roughly in the south-center of Trumbull
  • Requires: 8 People and 30 Materials
  • Facility Spaces: 4
  • Parking Spaces: 3
  • # of Outposts: 6
  • Comes with: Storage Room, Bunkhouse, Kitchen, Bedroom

Description: This base is excellent to stock up on food. There are several food sources in the farm field you can rely on. Plus, it comes with a Storage unit as well as an upgraded Bedroom! You also have the luxury of a large barn and cute bear statue in the front yard!   

Cons: It's out in the boonies and requires tremendous traveling for literally every errand.  

Base E – The Alamo

Bases 6

  • Location: Southern section of Marshall town
  • Requires: 5 People and 20 Materials
  • Facility Spaces: 3
  • Parking Spaces: 3
  • # of Outposts: 4
  • Comes with: Storage Room, Kitchen and Watchtower

Description: A moderate-size home, the restaurant is not too shabby for storage. Since it's in Marshall town, you've got numerous resources to gather within range.

Cons: Marshall is well known for constant infestations. Expect hordes to invade your home quite often...   

Base F – Savini Residence

Bases 7

  • Location: Just northwest of Marshall town
  • Requires: 8 People and 30 Materials
  • Facility Spaces: 6
  • Parking Spaces: 3
  • # of Outposts: 6
  • Comes with: Bedroom, Library, and Kitchen

Description: A decent one-story house that holds a few more Outposts close by. Its built-in Library will help your community learn new skills for survival early on. It's close to town as well.

Cons: There's hardly ANY space indoors (only one slot!). You won't find this crib useful for home improvement.  

Base G – Snyder Trucking Warehouse

Bases 8

  • Location: Northwest of Marshall; the big blue warehouse
  • Requires: 12 People and 50 Materials
  • Facility Spaces: 9
  • Parking Spaces: 4
  • # of Outposts: 8
  • Comes With: Workshop, Storage, and Bedroom (+8 Beds)

Description: One of the largest (and best) Home Bases. This is close to Marshall town and is surrounded by warehouses. Effective facilities are available at the start. This is a good choice if you enjoy building stuff!  

Cons: There are no close-range Outposts, making it difficult to form safe zones around you. The area also lacks diverse resources (mostly materials).

Base H – Trumbull County Fairgrounds

Bases 9

  • Location: Beyond the bridge in the northwest corner of Trumbull
  • Requires: 12 People and 50 Materials
  • Facility Spaces: 5
  • Parking Spaces: 5
  • # of Outposts: 8
  • Comes With: Dining Area, Storage Room, Kitchen and Watchtower

Description: The LARGEST Home Base in State of Decay. Extremely closed-in area surrounded by Warehouses, Ammo caches, and other resources. Perhaps the quietest area where you can build numerous facilities and Outposts.

This base won't be available until later (when the Army breaks open the bridge's gate).

Cons: There aren't too many neighbors around. This is the most far-out base in Trumbull, so all your travels or scavenging hunts will be a long run. Also, it's always good to be safe, yet this base has so many gates, it's difficult to navigate through.           

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