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State of Decay – Dude, Where’s My Car? How to Fix & Repair Vehicles

by Prima Games Staff


It seems many of you are having trouble fixin’ up your whips. The good news is, we’ve get some in-depth steps on how to resolve your engine troubles. The bad news? Well, you must be patient…

Vehicles are extremely fragile in State of Decay. A simple side-swipe with a Zed will put a dent in your door…or it might go missing. Sooner than later, your car will be engulfed in flames, and you’ll be stuck with your legs trying to escape the undead.

If you follow some advice below, a digital version of Bob Barker will present you a nice, refurbished car. Not really, but wouldn’t that be cool?

Step 1: Gather Materials

You should know by now anything that needs to be built needs resources, in this case, Materials. Remember, Materials often are found in warehouses, construction sites, garages, etc. Try to build an Outpost on a Material zone so the resources can flow in your base (over time, of course).

Additionally, Materials are usually discovered in pallets, large crates, or metal cabinets. Don’t bet on finding them in homes or inside a drawer (houses rarely carry them). One of the best spots in Trumbull for blocks is near the Snyder Trucking Warehouse. The Home Base is surrounded by warehouses, shacks, and construction areas.

Step 2: Find a Tools Expert

You’ll meet several survivors over the course of your game. Characters are random in State of Decay, so it’s all about luck and chance. Any time Lily (you know, the radio chick) bugs you for missing survivors, feel free to help them out. Each individual has different and similar skills that can help expand your base. In this case, you’ll need Tim the Tool Man – or a tools expert. Be sure to check one’s stats in the menu on what they can offer.

Though people come and go randomly, keep in mind you can always use the Radio Room prompts; it allows you to offer shelter for new survivors. Also, help your neighbors in need. They may end up joining your group. Like Forest Gump would say: “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Step 3: Build & Upgrade a Workshop

With some Materials and a tools expert ready, you’re set to build a Workshop. A standard Workshop offers weapon repairs and builds Storage Rooms. Once upgraded to a Machine Shop, it’ll have the proper hubs to repair your vehicle entirely (engine and all) with power tools.


Some bases contain built-in Workshops that feature automobile repair. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to be a Machine Shop, and default facilities CANNOT be upgraded. You can, however, construct more than one Workshop!

Step 4: Park & Wait

Since you’ve got all the correct properties built, along with your tool man, your rides can receive treatment. The trick here is to use your base’s parking spaces – if you park ’em in the slots, they’ll be repaired upon sunrise. Another way is to leave your vehicles close to your base. As long as they’re in range of your home, repairs should still work.

There’s one catch, though: They take a little time to repair. The body and tire damage will fully recover overnight (in-game), while the engine, doors, and bumpers take roughly two or three days. Again, we’re talking in-game time, not real-time.

Each section of the ride will be fixed each day (the first being the ignited-engine, we hope). This also depends on the tool man’s handy skill; the higher his ability, the faster it gets rebuilt. If you’ve got homework to do, take the time and do it. Then, turn your Xbox 360 back on later and your whip will be good as new!

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