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Sims 3 University Life – Top Ten Tips to Graduate with Honors

by Prima Games Staff

You too can graduate with honors if you use these tips from Sims 3 University Life eGuide author, Rebecca De Winter:

1.    After taking the University Aptitude Test and getting the results, select a major for which your Sim has already received some credits to get a head start on earning your degree.

2.    Check out your schedule for the term on Sunday night and be sure to attend all of your classes. Missing more than one class can drop your grade.

3.    Study regularly by reading your text book or using a computer or smart phone. You can study anywhere and the two hours between classes is a good time to do so.

4.    Each major has an object which is given to Sims working towards that degree. Use your object to build up skills and academic progress.

5.    Take care of your Sims needs. Classes and studying can be taxing, so make sure your Sim gets plenty of rest, eats meals regularly, and socializes. (Learn how to become a Master Socialite here.)

6.    Working hard in class can stress out a Sim. Be sure to take time to have fun to alleviate the stress.

7.    Form study groups with other Sims. This can not only improve your academic progress, but also provide socialization. (See the Top 10 Tips for Gaining Influence in Social Groups here.)

8.    Socialize with your professors. Become acquaintances or friends so they will invite you to their parties. Be sure to attend for some extra credit.

9.    Take advantages of Opportunities that appear related to your major. Not only can you earn rewards such as Lifetime Happiness Points or Simoleons, you can also get extra credit.

10.    When exams come around on Friday, be sure your Sim is in a good mood. Begin preparing for the exams on Thursday by decreasing negative moodlets and looking for ways to get positive moodlets.

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