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Sims 3 University Life – Top 10 Tips for Improving your Street Art Skill

by Prima Games Staff

Official Sims 3 University Life eGuide author, Rebecca De Winter shares her top 10 tips on how to improve your Street Art Skill:

1.    Purchase a Street Art Bag (Sims with the Avant Garde trait get one for free) or take a class in Street Art to get started.

2.    Read Books on Street Art. There are three different levels which can help improve your skill.

3.    Tag a wall to leave your mark and begin improving your skill. It also helps increase your Influence with the Rebels.

4.    Create Concept Art on a Whiteboard to continue practicing your skill. This is a good way to increase your skill and not get in trouble.

5.    Paint ground and wall murals. You start out small, but can do larger murals as your skill level increases.

6.    Earn some tips by doing Street Art in areas where there are other Sims. The higher your skill level, the more Simoleons you can earn.

7.    There are some locations, like The Grotto, where walls have been set aside for aspiring street artists. Here your skills are encouraged rath/games/sims-3-university-life/er than punished.

8.    As you advance, clean up your earlier work and replace it with more impressive Street Art.

9.    Go to City Hall or the University Administration building to get a commission to create Street Art. You can make a lot of Simoleons and not be arrested.

10.    Complete 5 Street Art masterpieces and you can create Street Art where ever you want without worrying about getting in trouble.

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