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Sims 3 University Life – Top 10 Tips for Improving your Social Networking Skill

by Prima Games Staff

Become a social networker with the best of ’em with these Top 10 tips from Sims 3 University Life official eGuide author, Rebecca De Winter:

1.    Take a class on Social Networking to give your Sim a good head start on this skill.

2.    Use your smart phone to send a text or browse the web. This is a good way to begin.

3.    Read books on Social Networking. There are three levels of books. Make sure you choose the appropriate level.

4.    The Social Networking skill really begins when you start your own Personal Blog. These are simple blogs; however, you have to start somewhere.

5.    Post comments and upload pictures taken on your smart phone to your blog. Then check to se how many followers you add with each posting.

6.    At level 3, you can start up a Review blog. This gives you some more options. Be sure to post to it several times per day to build up followers.

7.    As you gain lots of followers by posting frequently and choosing interesting topics, start soliciting donations from your followers. This provides Simoleons as well as increases your skill.

8.    Use the Sim Finder App which you get for your smart phone at level 4 to meet new Sims. It lets you search for specific types of Sims.

9.    Change the relationships of other Sims with the Transmogrifier app which is unlocked at level 7.

10.    Once your blog is very successful, sell it for Simoleons and to increase your skill level.

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